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Growth Hacking B2B: best techniques to apply it to your company

With Growth Hacking B2B you will have a technique that will help you quickly, and with few resources, so that your business can grow. This is one of the most common techniques found in American startups. 

In India it became known five years ago. However, in the B2B sector it is still not very well known. 

If you want your business to grow with a minimal investment and spending little, you can make every entrepreneur's dream come true. This is a common denominator found in successful companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and AirBnb. 

Discover in this post everything it has to offer, so that you get the most out of it and can use it in your company. 

But what is B2B Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking B2B is a marketing technique whose main objective is to increase the business volume of a company or startup, quickly. It only takes an investment of money and minimal time. 

The first question you should ask yourself is to know what your goals are: increase traffic to your website, increase sales, have more visibility or generate more contacts. The idea is to know what they are. The Growth Hacking technique will help you achieve a minimum cost. 

For this reason, it has been one of the most common strategies in startups, because they are newly created companies that do not have extensive resources, such as a multinational or a large company. 

What's the meaning of its name?

As its name indicates, the word "growth" means growth, while "hacking" comes from "hacking" ,  a term that is related to the skills of programming solutions to solve a series of problems . In this case, the "hackers" are going to be good for your company. 

To achieve very fast results, digital marketing professionals who are dedicated to B2B Growth Hacking look for solutions that are creative and innovative for the problems that their clients have. Each company is different, so they have different resources and products from others. 

In the B2B sector, Growth Hacking is a very interesting strategy for those companies that are part of the industrial and technological sector. You should bear in mind that the services and products that B2B companies have tend to be more complex, which is why explanations of their content are needed in some cases. 

A Growth Hacker will think of ways that are much faster and less expensive, so that he can generate the business results you are looking for your company. 

What are the advantages of B2B Growth Hacking?

The main advantage of this technique is that you have a low budget to carry out actions that must be carried out quickly. Thanks to this, the risk is reduced, since these actions are used to verify their effectiveness at a low price. 

On the other hand, these actions are constantly analyzed and measured, so that changes can be introduced in real time, whenever the strategy does not work as it should. 

By doing this daily monitoring, the Growth Hacker will know how the market works and will be able to know much better who his buyer persona is. 

When you have this information, the actions carried out will make it easier to sell much more and better, because your service or product will constantly improve. 

Why you should do Growth Hacking

If you have not yet made the decision to put this technique into practice, here are three reasons that will help you take the first step: 

1.       If your company is a startup and you need results to arrive quickly, this technique will be the best option. It will help you orient your actions much better so that you achieve your goals. In this way, you will have faster business results, while spending less resources.

2.       Specialization is going to be key in Growth Hacking. In this way, you will have more ways to enhance your strategies, products and services. Many of the strategies that digital marketing has are standard, since they have many basic actions that must be developed.

3.       Don't forget the economic factor. Thanks to this, you will be able to grow at low cost.

How to apply B2B Growth Hacking in your company?

Applying Growth Hacking when you have a B2B company is very important when you know what the steps you should follow are. However, it will be necessary for you to get all the creativity you have, so that you can put these actions into practice and get results. 

These are some of the steps you must follow so that you can implement this strategy in your digital environment and thus generate the best results for your business quickly. The best thing is that it will be at low cost. Here are some steps: 

1.- Do a complete audit of your website

The first step you should do is carry out a full audit of your company. But, for this, you must take into account what your objective is and what type of material is the one you are collecting. 

This is essential, since if you have a B2B company that is not a startup and has a track record, you will most likely find a lot of material and documents. 

Ideally, you should know in depth all the products and services that your company has and how it offers them to its users. But what does this mean? It is important that you know the ideal client of your company, as well as the users who are coming to your website. 

Don't forget that you want to generate business in an environment that is digital. Also, you have to extract traffic data and the leads that your company is capturing, as well as the actions you take to achieve it. 

2.- Identify what are the advantages and what is working

Once you have done the audit and are clear about the resources you have at your disposal, it is the best time for you to do an analysis. The objective that is sought is to identify which are the actions that work best, that is, what are those actions that will help you achieve your objectives. 

It's about identifying your advantages. This phase is the time for you to have in your mind the strategy that will help you multiply your results in the best way. 

In addition, it is not enough to just identify which channels or actions are going to generate more traffic or leads for your company. You should also study why this is more successful than the other channels or actions. 

3.- Start your actions and pursue your goals

At this point you have to put your actions into action, so that the results of your business can be multiplied. But, yes, remember that you should always invest in the least amount of resources possible, such as time and money.

To do this it is important to be clear about your objectives. If your company is a recently created B2B startup, it is most likely that you are in the phase where you have to grow traffic to your website. 

But if you already have a high number of monthly visits to your website, the vast majority organic, it is most likely that you are doing Inbound Marketing or a content strategy. At this point it will be essential that you capture leads for your commercials. In this way, your ROI will be higher. 

4.- Perform A / B tests, scale and measure

When you have decided on the best strategy for your company, it is time for you to carry out tests. Of course, do not stay with the initial idea, put it into practice and do A / B tests. 

Seeks to collect data on a constant basis. Thanks to this, you will be able to scale your business, so that it reacts and adapts to this without losing the quality it has. 

5.- It has a CRM

A CRM that is powerful is going to be indispensable in any B2B company. In this way, you can control and monitor the leads that are achieved in your digital environment, as well as generate the metrics that your website has. 

This will help you identify which pages are converting the most and which are not converting as much. In this way, you will be able to optimize your B2B Growth Hacking strategy. 

One recommendation is that, if you are starting your business project and you do not have enough resources, but you do want to grow, it is best that you opt for this technique. But if your company has a track record and you have a high budget, but you don't get the results you expect, you can also opt for this. 

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