Guaranteed Payday Loans



You may be working on commission basis. Your bills may be higher than usual this month. There may be a new unexpected bill added to your list. Your employer may credit your salary later than usual. You may have resigned and be waiting to join the next job. Your employer may have fired you citing financial reasons.

There can be a number of reasons why there is a pile of bills lying on your table, which you need to pay. It is not easy to keep your finances in place. The set budget has a tendency to slip left or right.

Since this kind of a situation is very common among households, there has been the infamous introduction of guaranteed payday loans from direct lender.  These short-term loans have witnessed an ever increasing demand among the UK citizens.


Payday loans include their meaning in the name. You repay the loan on your next ‘pay’-‘day’. You need to give the lender a post dated cheque which he encashes on the day you receive your next salary.



This means that you should be a salaried person, and not unemployed. If you are in fact not employing somewhere, you may be getting some sort of support or benefit cheque to be able to apply for this cash advance. In short, there should be a pay cheque of some sort receivable by you every month.


As these loans are available online, the application procedure is quite easy and comes with minimal documentation. The process time is significantly less than what the traditional sources usually take. The approval comes within 24 hours, usually within a few hours, and the lender will transfer money in your bank account.

The entire process of availing a salary day loan is very simple and approvals are almost every time guaranteed to come.


There are a multitude of websites available online offering payday loans, on different interest rates and with attractive deals. These direct lenders keep the eligibility requirement to a minimum to expand their customer base.

A UK citizen, who is 18 years or elder, has a bank account and salaried income is a perfect applicant for the loans, and is even likely to get an easy approval.


The quick and easy availability of these loans are compensated in the high interest rates attached with them. You might have to pay a decently high rate of interest on these loans in exchange for availing them in a rush and your time of urgent need.


These are small loans usually available for a few hundred to a thousand pounds. The amount you apply for will depend to your affordability and credit history before the approval.

If you are already under previously unclear debts, your approved loan amount may not be what you mention in your application. A lender would lend you an amount that you would be able to safely repay in his opinion.


The lender may or may not charge upfront or hidden charges. This factor varies across the online direct lenders, and your choice of lender decides if you would pay some additional charges above the loan amount and interest.

This is why it becomes important to read to entire break up of your repayment amount before signing a loan application. You should know how much are you paying and for what. You should not feel cheated or surprised when such charges are applicable on the loans, in the repayment amount or period.


The online application demands you to fill just basic information about yourself and your finances. It has columns like name, contact, address, residential history, employment status, monthly income with sources and your expenditure.

All of this information helps the lender in determining your reliability and security as a borrower. The level of risk attached with lending money to you decides your loan amount and interest rates.


Payday loans have helped more than thousands of people during their times of financial needs. They are expensive yet convenient to solve the expense at hand. If you have a regular salaried income, or you are certain of being able to pay back the borrowed money with your next income, you do not have to worry about the unpaid bills. Let these small loans take care of them.