Guide and Calculation for Rental Truck Insurance in Dubai


You have spent hard labor into packing up your belongings, storing them into tight boxes, scrubbing floors off of kitchens and bathrooms. But, it all goes to the bin if you have not bagged insurance by a truck rental company in Dubai. You are moving tomorrow, and you have not even started comparing rental trucks to pick out the most suitable one for your use. If you are planning to rent a moving truck, one of the many things you will need to check upon is the company’s various insurances and protection plans. Here is the beginner’s guide that will teach you the basics:

Consider the total cost

It is essential for a person to consider the total expenditure that he might spend on insurance by a truck rental company in Dubai. To consider all the costs and policies together, there are certain questions that a person must keep in mind when hiring a truck.


  1. What is the total cost?
  2. Are there any hidden fees?
  3. Will your truck be guaranteed after you make the reservation?


To save yourself from a possible case of being stranded on the road waiting for your truck, a good truck rental company of Dubai needs to be ensured by you.

Research and choose

There are several insurance options and policies to be looked upon when considering a moving truck. Firstly, at times the house you are moving to also carries a chance of covering a rental moving truck and the items inside.

If that is the case, ensure that you know what size trucks the policy covers and what kind of insurance option and waiver schemes are available by contacting your agent. Insurance options may vary from carrier to carrier, so be sure to check your specific contract carefully.

Inspect your truck

Sometimes the truck you receive as your moving transportation might be covered with dents and scratches and can be regarded as unsafe; hence, it is essential for a customer to thoroughly inspect the truck like they would inspect their own car. In many cases, the associate renting the truck to the customer is aware of previous minor damage to the vehicle. To increase your chances of getting the truck you reserved, one idea is to get to the rental place early. Another viable option that you can take into consideration is to pick up your truck in the evening after people have begun to drop them off.

Price differences

Prices of a rental truck depend very much on where you reside and who your driver is on the moving day. The costs you get from many of the truck rental services in Dubai can vary significantly. Put as simply as possible; there are three main reasons for this:


       The quality of trucks available that day

       The quality of customer service

       Hidden charges

However, all the information relating to these concerns can be found on truck rental websites at just a click.

Trukkin is a renowned logistic service provider in Dubai with its services for truck rental, which will best fit your budget and needs. For more information and discounts on its insurances and waivers, check out its website.

The satisfaction of a customer by a company is essential for its success in the industry, but many times, it is not convenient for the service providers to fulfill all those requirements. Today’s customers expect certain features when they order from your online store.