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Guide for How to keep Hospital Bed Mattress Topper Safe

Summary: Keeping the hospital bed mattress toppers safe is crucial for the safety of patients’ health and this can be achieved by regularly inspecting the mattresses and covers for damages and stains. If damaged, the covers should be removed and replaced immediately.

Once you buy hospital beds for someone at your home, they will be more comfortable while sleeping and will heal faster. However, the job here is not done yet. You need to take measures to keep the hospital bed mattress safe, and bacteria-free so that the already ailing patient doesn’t fall victim to more allergies. And for this, you need a good quality mattress topper.

Hospital bed mattress topper not only give you an opportunity to keep the mattress clean and germ-free, they also keep its aesthetics intact. Here, we have a guide to how you can keep the mattress toppers and mattresses safe.

hospital bed mattress-BMH

Safety Concerns You Should Address

Speaking of safety concerns associated with mattress covers, it is the wearing out which can result in the blood and body fluids getting infiltrated into the mattress, promoting germ build-up which can seldom be reversed.
You need to adhere to the guidelines issued by the FDA in order to keep the mattresses covers clean so that the patients’ health is not put at stake.

Recommendations by the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention

The guidelines issued by the CDC are to control diseases for better healing to be followed by healthcare professionals, caregivers, and nursing staff

Have a Cleaning and Inspection Plan

1. Hospital bed air mattress and cover should be inspected regularly for any traces of infiltration so that they can be cured in time.
2. Keep a check on the guidelines that come along with the mattress and the covers to check that none of them exceeds their life and develops intolerable infections.
3. Always have the contact info of the manufacturer handy in case there isn’t enough cleaning and maintenance information listed in the manuals.

Inspection Instructions

1. Always check the mattresses and covers for any wear and tear, damage, cuts, pinholes, cracks, and stains.
2. It is not just the top visible part of the mattress covers and mattresses which are to be checked. Remove the covers and review the sides, seams and bottom of the mattress thoroughly for any stains from bodily fluids.
3. Darker mattress covers are not recommended for hospital bed mattresses because stains and signs of damage are seldom visible on them. Therefore, opt for lighter covers which will show the signs of damage clearly when looked for.

Remove and replace the covers which are too worn out over time so that you can avoid all the infections due to blood, sweat, wet stains, and more. Plus, open seams, ragging appearance, and other such things can be displeasing to patients and should be repaired soon.

Clean and Maintain the mattresses and covers according to the guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer so that you don’t end up risking the lives of the patient who is already suffering.
Plus, you can always download the safety guideline poster developed by FDA in order to be sure that all the instructions ate followed at all times and the mattress doesn’t become a reason for the deterioration in patient’s health

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