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Guide on selling a used car abroad

Buying or selling a car has never been easier than these days when we’re in the digital era. Still,there’s a lot of things to pay attention to in order to close a good deal especially if you’re selling a used car abroad. A good investigation can do both - bring you and save you a lot of money, so a couple of tricks will not harm you. 

When selling a car abroad it’s important to: find the selling option which suits you the best, prepare the car for selling, determine the price, get ready documentation, and if you want to skip all hassle just consult professionals. 

Sometimes it’s easier to sell cars abroad than in your home country and it's a good opportunity to earn some money. In case you want to sell your car to the UAE you can find a lot of information on how to sell or buy a used car in the UAE at Carzty.

Chose the selling channel 

There are numerous ways on how to sell a car: privately, at auction, to a dealer, or on online car-buying sites. The way you’re going to choose depends on how much you want to earn, and how much time you’re willing to spend no matter if you are selling in your country or abroad.

In case you're selling it privately you’re going to spend more time selling it since you’ll communicate with multiple people and all those people would like to test your care before closing the deal. The good thing about this type of selling is that this way you can sell a car for a better price. 

If you’re in a rush and want to sell a used car quickly, the two best options for you are to sell the car online or to a dealer. Those options are less time-consuming since you don’t need to spend time on advertising and on negotiating with buyers. Most likely you’re getting an offer for a fixed price and that’s it. 

Prepare car 

If your goal is to get the highest possible price and you don’t mind spending a little more time on the sales process, prepare your car for selling. Those little tricks will help you to sell your car for a better price:

  • Deep cleaning

Obvious, but necessary. Take your car on thorough cleaning. You’ll be surprised by the results. Professionals with special cleaning tools will make your car shine and that will leave a great first impression on buyers.

  • Fix on cosmetic faults

Some damages on cars can be easily fixed with a small amount of money spent on it. Fixing damages on a car's bodywork can make a huge difference when it comes to the car's appearance. Also, things like cracked lights and broken mirrors can be easily repaired and with almost no money.

If you sell a car that looks nice and carefully maintained potential buyers will have the impression that you took good care of the car and that you’re a person of trust who will not trick anyone. And, of course, you’ll be in a position to get a higher price offered by a potential buyer.

Determine price

Before you even consider selling your car you should check what the real price of your car is. That price does not have to be the one at which the car will be sold, but it can be your guide when determining the selling price.

Numerous factors are affecting the price of a car: kilometers traveled, service record, any damage on bodywork or inside the machine, quality of the tires, and many others. Keep in mind that every car depreciates and you cannot sell a car at the same price you bought it. Do a little market research and compare your car with other cars which have the same or similar characteristics. 

The easiest way is to leave pricing to the professional mechanics, they already have insight into the used car market and after checking it they know are advantages and disadvantages of your car.  

 ***Extra tip: If you’re selling a car privately and after you determine the price of your car one way or another, raise the price a bit. The buyer will always ask for a lower price and that way when you lower it you’ll be able to get an approximately wanted amount.

Prepare documentation

There are a couple of documents you should have no matter if you're selling a car in your home country or abroad. The must-have is: 

  • V5C registration document or vehicle logbook

This one is proving that you're a registered keeper of a vehicle and that you can sell it. In addition, there is basic info about the engine, model, make, etc. 

  • MOT certificate

With this certificate vehicles over three years are confirming they met the minimum acceptable road and environmental safety standards required.

  • Service book

Here you should have annual service receipts and dealer stamps. A service book is not legally requested but if you have it it’s a bonus and it will prove that you maintained your car regularly.

Contact professionals

This step can bypass all written above. In case you’re in a hurry and you don’t have the patience to investigate how to sell used cars abroad, consult professionals. You’ll save a lot of time and spare yourself from the stress that way. 

Companies that deal with the sale and purchase of used vehicles will ask you for the vehicle’s info. You should be ready to give them information about the engine, model, year of manufacture, and the car's accident history.

The only bad thing about collaboration with third-party companies is that they’ll make their profit. In case you’re selling a car for let’s say $5,000 you might lose at least $500.

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