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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

ac troubleshooting

When hot weather strikes and the warmth is on, all you look for is an AC that’s working fine and cooling as per your temperature demands. It’s significant to keep steady comfort within your home to keep your family content. But, being a gadget, technical glitches are pretty familiar with air conditioners. Troubleshooting tips may not work for your air conditioner at times and it may lead to frustration in the scorching heat. 

Before coming into a conclusion, you should know common AC issues that may lead to such uneventful situations. Furthermore, the maximum of the problems can be solved by you at home. Check out these air conditioner problems and solutions that would come in handy during hot weather conditions. 

Common AC problems and their solutions: How to fix the air conditioner at home 

  • AC would not turn on: Many homeowners face the problem when their AC does not turn on. It might be the issue of the AC compressor not working. In this case, resetting the fuse is the only way to solve the problem.
  • Leaking air conditioner: Leaking air conditioner is another problem that troubles the maximum of the residents with AC in their homes. Make sure you check the ducts well if you find your air conditioner leaking before you call a professional. 
  • Noisy Fan problems:  Noisy fan problems are caused mainly when the AC fan is not working properly. In this case, you can shut off the AC unit to avoid additional damage. Also, you need to figure out why is your AC blower not working.
  • Thermostat problems: Incorrect calibration of your AC thermostat may result in issues like AC thermostat not working. It would help if you changed the thermostat settings in this case. 

How to fix air conditioner: AC troubleshooting tips to avoid obstacles

  • Clear scrub and trash from the outer unit and encompassing area
  • Substitute dirty AC filters
  • Check pipes for cracks and get them repaired
  • Place a programmable AC thermostat for AC troubleshooting. It saves power and is pretty accurate. However, you have to learn to use it correctly

Central AC checklist & Troubleshooting tips 

AC problems are common, and people usually call a service professional for the same. But, there are some tips for troubleshooting central AC to solve your home AC issues immediately. Follow the ultimate checklist and troubleshooting tips. 

1. Check the settings of the thermostat

The typical AC problems generated by incorrect AC thermostat settings are:

  • Hot or warm emanating from air vents
  • AC would not turn on effectively

What should you do: Locate your AC thermostat and examine whether the settings are to cool the heat ot not. 

2. Check the air vents of your AC

Standard AC problems created by blocked AC air vents are:

  • Ice on the refrigerant lines
  • Frozen coil
  • Leaky home AC
  • Raised duct leakage 
  • Damaged compressor

What should you do: Be confident that all the supply vents and AC air vents are open and unclogged.

3. Check if the AC air filter is dirty

Common AC glitches generated by a dirty AC air filter:

  • The low flow of sir from AC air vents
  • Poor cooling
  • Higher AC bills
  • Machine malfunction

What should you do: Examine the air filter and replace it if it’s muddy or clogged.

4. Check AC circuit breakers

A common AC issue prompted by tripped AC circuit breakers is: 

  • AC would not turn on 

What should you do: Check the central electrical unit of your home and look for the circuit breakers not in the on position. If it happens to have a label, look particularly for one labeled as AC.

cleaning central ac

How to reset the home AC unit?

An AC system operates to maintain a comfortable and relaxed home environment throughout hot weather. Similar to most devices, this arrangement is likely to face glitches like a leaky home AC and sometimes does not work as you expect. 

Most people naturally reach out to the service provider while they face problems with their AC units. However, there are various steps of air conditioner troubleshooting that you can apply to solve the issue on your own. 

How Can You Successfully Reset Your Home Air Conditioning System?

Before you try to reset home AC, make sure that you possess constant power supply, plus the current is flowing consistently. Once you are confident, move on to reset the AC unit. Here’s how to fix home air conditioners:

  • Locate the Reset Button – Various AC units will possess a reset switch on them. This reset switch usually is red in appearance and comparatively small in dimension. You need to identify it precisely being a reset switch. You can check the instructions handbook to decide if your AC unit possesses that switch, and uncover its position.
  • Push The Button – After you get the switch, push it for 3 seconds before releasing it. After some moments, push the switch for 3 seconds again. Your AC unit will react with three beep sounds. The air conditioner troubleshooting will finish instantly.
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What if your AC Does Not Have a Reset Button? 

If your AC system does not come with a reset button, you have to do the reset process manually. That does not take excessive time or energy. Manual reset for air conditioner troubleshooting is not tricky, plus all you require to perform is understand the steps stated below:

  • Shut off the power supply – Turn the button off for a 240-volt circuit within the central electrical panel inside your house. That will effectively cancel all power supply flow to your AC unit.
  • Wait 30 Minutes – You don't need to wait for too long to connect with the system again, although it is a safe idea not to re-connect it immediately either. Thirty minutes remains enough for the internal systems to reset home AC completely. 
  • Plug-In – Plug in the AC system after some moments. You do not need to turn on the air conditioner quickly at this time.
  • Turn on the Power Supply – After you connect the AC system, switch on the main 240-volt. 

If you check out these measures, you can successfully conduct a reliable air conditioner troubleshooting at home. So, keep an eye on the above sections to know more about home  AC problems and solutions. 


How do I reset my AC unit?

  • Turn your off AC.
  • Locate the Circuit Breaker Box.
  • Now, reset the Circuit Breaker Box for the AC Unit. 
  • Then, Wait for 30 Seconds. 
  • Turn on the AC Thermostat.

How to fix AC leaking?

  • Find the PVC pipeline adjacent to the air handler's channel pan. 
  • Untwist the lid and drain approximately some vinegar down the channel line.
  • Find your outer condensate drain front near the condenser unit, join your wet-dry unit, and turn on the vacuum.

How to reset the AC thermostat?

  • Turn your off AC.
  • Locate the Circuit Breaker Box.
  • Now, reset the Circuit Breaker Box for the AC Unit. 
  • Then, Wait for 30 Seconds. 
  • Turn on the AC Thermostat.

Why do you need to reset? 

You require to reset your air conditioner for AC troubleshooting as your AC circuit breaker remains engaged and is not enabling the AC compressor to start. Furthermore, the AC circuit breaker can pop while there is a surge within the power supply.

How to reset AC after a power outage?

  • Locate the breaker case in your house and turn it for the AC to the “off” state. 
  • Now, turn it on again. 
  • Now, wait for 30 minutes. 
  • Throughout this period, the internal breaker within your air conditioner can reset.

How to fix frozen AC unit? 

  • Switch off the system directly from the control panel. 
  • Now, shut off the power at the circuit breaker within the electrical panel of your house.
  • Now, wait for the ice to melt and let it thaw. 
  • Do not try to force the ice with a sharp object or your hand. 
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