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Guide to Buy Property in Amritsar

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Buying a home can be once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it requires a lot of consideration and efforts at the same time. For the first-time homebuyers, the idea of purchasing a property can be daunting as their mind is bearing confusion as to which is the best possible location for such huge investment and whether their investment yield satisfactory results. To answer this, several Indian cities that are undergoing extensive development and can prove to be ideal for prospective investment, Amritsar being one of them.

Amritsar is the heart of the state of Punjab and one of the most populous cities. The city has always been a major attraction because of its cultural values and economical competence. But these days, it is also being chosen as the potential venue for investment in residential property.

If you are looking to buy property in Amritsar, here some tips and suggestions to must consider before making purchase decision:

1. Set a budget

This is general tip for anyone who is planning to buy a home. You must have a clear budget in mind before you step out and start looking for a property, which will include the price you can pay for your new home, cost of relocating, taxes, and utility fees. Deciding a budget beforehand will help you make the right purchase.

2. Decide A Location for Investment

Depending upon your budget, you can decide the area you want to invest in. In Amritsar, there are both high priced and reasonably priced avenues. Localities like Mall Road, Green Avenue, Basant Avenue, Ranjit Avenue, Fatehgarh Churian, GT Road and Loharka Road, etc. can be options for you. And there are certain other localities as well, but your choice of location should be based on your requirements and preferences. Have a good look at the social infrastructure of the location, see if all the necessary facilities are in the proximity.

3. Kind of home you want

You must have a picture of your ideal abode in mind before you actually start looking for one. You have to decide on the number of bedrooms you want in your home, size of kitchen, drawing and dining area and also, whether you need a fully furnished, semi-furnished or raw house. Given the fact that Amritsar is a developing district, high-profile builders are coming up with huge housing projects involving construction of apartments and societies. They are offering up to 4 BHK apartments to investors planning to buy a property in Amritsar. 

4. Seek Help of Reliable Agents

Your hunt for an ideal home will become a lot easy, if you take help of a trustworthy real estate agent. Amritsar has several options opening on the real estate front. This will definitely make it difficult for you to find the right apartment. With the help of a real estate agent you will be able to grab the best option from an extensive range of properties for sale in Amritsar.

5. Do Not Skip on Inspection Part

Your chosen property requires a thorough inspection, before you pay for it. These would be very basic things that you need to check before the final purchase. Check if the walls are solid and don’t bear cracks. Make sure that there is no damage in water pipeline network. Also confirm that network of electric wiring is completely safe and secured. Occurrence of issues like cracked walls, loose wiring and leakage is hardly a possibility in newly constructed, but it is important to play safe.

There are many good residential localities in Amritsar to live in, but it is up to the buyer to find the right property. Buying the right property requires thorough consideration of certain factors which must not be overlooked.

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