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Guide to create Google account


Today, more people use Internet services as an indispensable resource, but for different purposes. These services are informative for training, social for the constant communication, leisure if only we seek entertainment, or useful supplies in applications and tools.

Google Inc., is one of the largest companies of Internet services, that bet by innovate and unify access to its main services. When we suggest the Internet browser that remember our data access, we are storing this data in cookies, in this way, Google will make use of them to access their applications and services without registering again.

With a Google account, it will be possible to synchronize the settings of your browser Google Chrome from any other computer, to retrieve your favorite pages and history of recently visited pages. In fact you can also change default gmail account in chrome and android if you have multiple accounts and you want to use any specific google account for synchronizing your data.

What services can I access with a Google account?

Google must know very well the need of its users by statistics in its search engine, in addition, if we take into account that all its services are integrated, we are free to choose the best option. If you’re a student you need better organize their ideas, a person of mind open for business, capable of accepting new tools, you can start using Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

It is a web application that is used to store and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos and more than 30 file types. Besides, your circle of friends can help by editing your work or writing positive comments if you share your files using Google.

And if you’re a supporter of pages, informative blogs, forums, among others, look for the option to register through Google+ Sign-In, a new method that has been implemented to log with your data from Google, without worry of fill out annoying forms.

With a Google account you can access an email account called “Gmail”, you can check your inbox from any computer or mobile phone if you have the proper application. You can also access YouTube, a site to upload and share your videos or buy online with Google Wallet, a payment system that allows you to associate your credit and debit cards.

Google gives you a total of 15 GB of storage space shared between its main applications, an incomparable offer that you get when you create Google account.

Also google introduced new gaming platform google stadia in which you can play games and stream online.

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