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Guide to Explore Tourist Places in Pokhara Nepal

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Among all the fascinating places to visit in South Asia, Pokhara owns a distinguished space. Thanks to a number of mesmerizing lakes and spiritual temples in the lap of the Himalayas, the Nepali town is a boon for travelers. Home to calm weather all around the year, Pokhara is the second-most important city in Nepal after Kathmandu. Whether one wants to relax in the picturesque domain of Mother Nature or do trekking in Nepal, Pokhara is a favored destination. The town is among the most tourist-friendly spots in Nepal, owing to its spiritual culture and stunning climate.

Here are some of the most beautiful places in Pokhara you should not miss:

Phewa Lake

The second largest freshwater lake in Nepal, Phewa is one of the serenest places in the country. Almost all tourists to Nepal visit this amazing lake that gives a splendid reflection of the Annapurna range. A soul-arresting picture of sunrise and sunset can also be viewed from the lake. Tal Barahi is a popular spot of worship located on an island in Phewa. The temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu is usually crowded on Saturdays. Phewa Tal is also famous for boating.

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit Trek is probably the most popular reason for adventure lovers setting their foot on the Pokhara soil. Encircling the Annapurna Massif, this mountain path is a scintillating spot to witness the purest form of nature from a height. The highest point of this Himalaya trekking in Nepal is Thorung La pass. It offers an awesome opportunity for travelers from across the world to embrace the lush vegetation and explore the Himalayan beauty.

Davis Falls

Davi’s Falls is a major tourist attraction in Pokhara and Nepal. In Nepali, the underground waterfall is known as Patale Chhango. It passes through tunnels and the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave, making it a sacred water-source for Hindu pilgrims. Experience the soul-enchanting sound of falling water here at this underworld cascade.

International Mountain Museum

Exhibiting historical documents, facts, and stories related to mountains, the Mountain Museum is a fascinating place to visit and know about nature in details. More than 70 thousand tourists on an average pay a visit to the International museum every year. The three major halls - Hall of Fame, Hall of Great Himalayas, and Hall of World Mountains exhibit stories of famous peaks, mountaineers, vegetation, etc.

Shanti Stupa, Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda is a top-notch destination amongst tourists. Overlooking the beautiful Himalayas, the Pagoda-style monument offers a breathtaking view of the Phewa Lake. It is one of the eighty Peace pagodas in the world that were built after World War II. There are a lot of things to learn about the life of Buddha and Buddhism in the pagoda campus. Practice meditation in the proximity of the sacred temple and feel blessed.

Mahendra Cave

An astonishing cave system in Pokhara, Mahendra Cave is a popular destination. It is very important for Hindus as Lord Shiva statue can be found inside the cave. Many travelers visit the cave and its nearby areas. Around the cave, there is intense greenery.

Begnas Lake

Begnas is another beautiful lake in Pokhara. The third largest freshwater lake in Nepal offers breathtaking beauty and spellbinding vegetation in its surrounding areas. Beautiful sky and green mountains in the background make the lake one of the most picture-perfect places in Nepal.

Pokhara is called the tourist capital of Nepal. The town is adorned with a number of luxuriant hotels to give travelers a pleasant stay in the city. Enjoy a Yoga retreat, family holiday, spiritual trip, nature visit, and trekking in Pokhara to give your travelling book a new scintillating chapter.

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