Guide to Select the Right Hosting Type for Your Online Business

Online Business

In the virtual world website is the key asset for all online businesses. No matter whether it’s a B2B business or any other type, you will need a website to get customers. Building your website could be an easy task for you. But choosing the right hosting could be a difficult task. Searching for the right hosting is not less than looking for MR. Perfect.

The right hosting is not limited to bandwidth, data storage capacity or guaranteed uptime. The right hosting platform with the reliability and performance level is also essential to boost your online business. With too many hosting providers it could be hard to select a particular type of hosting. To resolve these issues this blog will let you know the key points that will help you to select the right hosting provider.

Know Your Hosting Type

From free reseller hosting to expensive dedicated hosting, there are vast options to select. Just like the light sleep people avoid dating with people who snore, similarly, you can also get affected by choosing the wrong hosting services. Determine your business needs and know the hosting type you need.

  • Shared Hosting: shared hosting is the best option for small business. The cheapest prices, minimum useful resources and easy to use control panel makes it perfect. In a non-technical term, shared hosting is just like your first boyfriend, typical but not complicated. On the other hand, shared hosting is also cheating like your old boyfriend did, with 100 of users using same server services.
  • VPS Hosting: As your business grows it is recommended to go with VPS hosting. VPS hosting is a bit expensive but provide more control on the user panel and act as independent dedicated servers. Your privacy and data are more secured in VPS hosting as compared to shared hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting: If your site is getting very high traffic and is getting viral amongst public so dedicated hosting is all you need. The dedicated hosting provides high-end hosting, top-notch hardware, around the clock support and managed services. You can also avail luxury features like dedicated IP addresses, automatic migration, the fastest backup and the option to choose your operating system. 

Determine The Type of Site

The online business includes vast categories like blogging, reselling, e-commerce store, affiliate marketing and many others. Just like your server load or traffic to your website determines which type of hosting you need, similarly the type of site determines the features you need. Not every hosting provider is good at providing all of the features to a particular website. Some are good at hosting blogs, while others offer woo commerce and other type of hosting.

  • Blog Site: If you are running a blog then consider a WordPress web host that offers reliable & cheap plan. WordPress is a great content management system for writers to build an effective website. Getting the right WordPress hosting enables hundreds of WordPress plugins.
  • Online Store: The perfect choice for an online store site is the e-commerce hosting that gives effective tools and other hosting platforms to make your online business successful.
  • Business Site: If you are planning to open a business site that can help you grow your physical business consider a reliable simple host. Consider a host that is for a long haul providing the best shared hosting plan for your business website.

Understand The Basic Resources You Require

Sometimes as a newbie it is hard to get to know which type of resources you need. It could be frustrating to know that the package you choose is not capable to provide the maximum resources. To avoid such type of issues always look for the basic resources in a hosting plan that includes

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  • Uptime & Speed: Check for the guaranteed uptime that should 99.99 per cent. Also, know the maximum time your website will take to get open.

Domain & Email: Get to know whether you are getting email hosting for your email marketing. The domain can be registered in cheap prices by many hosts like HostBreak. Bandwidth & Data Transfer: The bandwidth is accountable for the amount of data uploaded or downloaded from the website. The higher the bandwidth the quickly people can access your website information.