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Guide To Start A Restaurant Business in Norfolk

The restaurant business is one of the top service businesses in the United Kingdom. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we see a drop in the restaurant service industry, but it will remain one of the top service businesses. Here we will guide you to start a restaurant business in Norfolk.

Concept of the restaurant

To start working on a restaurant, you need to decide the concept of the restaurant. This is the first step that you should do for restaurant planning. You need to decide the type of cuisine you will serve, vegetarian or nonvegetarian restaurant, fast food restaurant or fine dining type, and many more things you need to consider. These things largely impact your restaurant budget. Also, give the restaurant brand name which is most similar to your restaurant concept. Get good printed restaurant banners and signage from Norfolk sign makers. You can make signage as per your own ideas with the help of All Signs Norfolk.

Restaurant Menu

Creating a restaurant menu is the second stage for starting a restaurant. As per your style of restaurant, list out all food items with the help of other restaurants with the same concept. Now make your own list of the food items. Your food item prices should be competitive. For deciding on food items on the menu, you need to consider the kitchen equipment you need for making items. Also, check if you need a separate chef for cooking any food item. Make a perfect food item list that uses minimum resources. You can add more items later when your restaurant starts getting popular.

Restaurant location and funding

Now next thing is to choose the location for the restaurant. If you have land or space where you can start a restaurant then it is great. You also need to work on the interior of the restaurant as per the theme. You can also ask real estate agencies if any restaurant space is available in Norfolk or not. If you get restaurant space with all kitchen equipment then it will lower your cost of starting a restaurant. Even if you take a space on rent or buy a new property, you need funding for the restaurant. Ask available loan options with your bank after giving them all details of your business.


Now the last thing, you need all government licenses to start a restaurant. First, you need your business license and tax number. Learn about all food safety guidelines and apply for a food service license for your restaurant. If you have a plan to serve liquor then you also need a liquor license. Apply it too with a food service license. For all your employees, you need Employee Identification Number. If you have less knowledge in all these legal things then get help from a good business consultant. Get all legal documents before starting your restaurant. Now set up your restaurant furniture and lighting as per the space available. You can try different layouts in the initial stage and choose the best which looks good.


We hope this article will help you to start a restaurant business in Norfolk.

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