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Guide to Vehicle Registration in Red Deer

As soon as you hit the public roadway in Red Deer, you need to be able to produce two key documents: your vehicle certificate and a valid insurance policy. Whether you are driving a truck, a car, or even a non-motor vehicle, you need to get it registered as per the established norms.

In this article, you will learn the right process to register your vehicle in Red Deer. If there are any outstanding fines against your vehicle, you need to pay them off at the outset. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to register your vehicle. The entire process can be completed online, which significantly eases the process.

Continue reading to learn more about car registration Red Deer — if you’d like to learn more about getting car insurance in Red Deer, you can find more by contacting a Surex insurance advisor.

Vehicle Registration Red Deer — who is eligible to register a vehicle?

You need to be at least 18 years old to register your vehicle in Red Deer. If you are under 18 and dependent on your parents, you need to obtain consent from your guardian in order to get the vehicle registered for the first time. The consenting parent must sign the document at the office of the registry agent.

It is not necessary to get your vehicle registered in case you are residing in Alberta temporarily for less than 183 days. However, your car or other vehicles must be registered in some other jurisdiction.

New residents of Alberta need to change the registration to the correct province within 90 days of shifting there.

Can you register a vehicle on someone else’s behalf?

Yes, someone else can register your vehicle if you cannot visit the registry office for some reason. The person can also carry out processes like transfers, cancellations, and renewals on your behalf.

In case you want someone else to register your vehicle on your behalf, the person must carry valid proof of your insurance, ownership document, along with their ID. Moreover, the authorities need a copy of a completed Authorization for Vehicle Services form with your signature on it.

What details does a vehicle registration certificate carry?

Your vehicle registration certificate would carry the following information:

  • The registered owner’s name
  • Details of the license plate number
  • Type of license plate
  • A description of your vehicle
  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

What documents do you need to register a vehicle?

When you register your car for the first time, you need to carry these documents to the office of the registration agent.

  • Your valid license
  • The original lease agreement, bill of sale, or will
  • The AMA membership card
  • All parties to be listed on the vehicle registration, along with the people who have been named on the sale bill.
  • The original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) that you would get from the dealer in case of a new vehicle
  • The Alberta liability insurance documents
  • Consent from your guardian if you are less than 18 years of age
  • Your commercial driving inspection, as applicable
  • Any form of acceptable identification document

Apart from this, the authorities might decide to inspect your vehicle in case you plan to register an old vehicle for the first time in Alberta after purchasing it from somewhere outside the province. The registration for motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and off-highway vehicles is valid for one to two years. Once this period is over, you need to get the registration renewed.

Additional requirements to register a commercial vehicle

So far, we have discussed the legalities associated with the registration of private vehicles in Red Deer, Alberta. Now, you must be aware of some additional requirements related to the registration of commercial vehicles. These include all the passenger or goods vehicles for commercial use in Alberta.

For commercial carriers in the province, you will come across three types of license plates. These license plates are not the same as those you would use on your personal car or any other vehicle. Each of these commercial plates enables the carriers to carry out a specific type of task.

Have a look at the three classes of commercial license plates in Alberta.

1. Class 1 commercial license plates

If you own a vehicle for passenger transportation like a taxi, charter bus, or school bus, it would need Class 1 commercial license plates. These license plates are necessary for vehicles that transport a person’s goods different from the owner.

2. Class 2 commercial license plates

If you are transporting something to a place located within a 10 Km. radius of the registered address, your commercial vehicle would need a Class 2 license plate. This license plate will also be applicable if you operate provincially, as you cater to particular industries.

For instance, commercial license plates of subclass 2 to 58 would be necessary for farm vehicles of clients who have received approval for the Alberta Farm Fuel Benefit Program from Alberta Agriculture.

3. Class 3 commercial license plates

These number plates are necessary for commercial vehicles owned and operated by First Nations brands, schools, municipalities, hospitals, and governments. You cannot use a vehicle with a Class 3 license plate to transport another person’s belongings for compensation.

The minimum and maximum periods of registration of commercial vehicles are three months and one year, respectively.

What about vehicles purchased outside Alberta?

In case you have purchased your vehicle outside Alberta (but within any of the Canadian provinces), it is necessary to carry out one of these processes:

  • A commercial inspection
  • A salvage inspection
  • An out-of-province inspection

The status and nature of your vehicle would determine the type of inspection it requires. Visit one of the registry agents to obtain an Inspection Request before proceeding to an inspection station.

Are there vehicles that don’t need registration?

No registration is required for mini-bikes, electric scooters, small mopeds, ATVs, golf carts, and segways. These are primarily miniature vehicles that you would use on private spaces only. Hence, you don’t need to complete a vehicle registration for these vehicles in Red Deer.

What have you learned about vehicle registration Red Deer Alberta?

Now that you know how to register your vehicle, you can get valid insurance, and finish up the process.

If you’re having a hard time, you can contact an insurance advisor to help while choosing the right automobile insurance policy.

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