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Guidelines About Getting EPC Certificate

Basically, this EPC certificate will help you to estimate the rating of the energy efficient homes. If you want to rent out the property or planning to sell it, then you have to hire the certified accessor to get the EPC certificate. For this accessor will conduct the survey and he will check different areas of your property. Else it will enable the owners to meet energy targets that will help them to lower down the energy bills. Actually, this type of survey will help the owners to save money on the electricity bills and get a chance to improve their living conditions. Here in this article we are discussing about guidelines relating to get the EPC certificate.

Hire the Professional to Conduct EPC Survey:

Next, you should know that you have to hire an accredited chartered surveyor professional. He will help you to analyze energy efficiency rating of your house and then he will issue you the certificate. Other than that, you can also hire the domestic energy assessors for conducting the EPC survey of your house. So that they would issue you EPC certificate.

The Cost of Getting EPC Certificate:

The next thing that house owners should know about the Energy Performance Certificate is that it will cost you amongst £60 to £120. Keep in mind that cost of getting the cheap EPC certificate will also depend upon the area where you are living.  They are offering people different rates that might depend upon the size of your property and location of your house.

A Process That Tester Will Opt During the Survey:

First of all the assessors will give you his introduction of then they will ask you questions about the accessibility of the areas which they want to check. Other than that they will also take a note related to the condition of your property and repairs to do for making your home energy efficient. After accessing the property they will give you suggestions to make improvements. These improvements will depend on the size of your property or living space, the overall house constructions, details of house insulation, your lighting, heating and cooling system. Other than that they will undertake some of the visual inspection of windows, or the glass that you will be using in it, they will check whether you are using single glazed glass, double glazed doors or the triple glazed glass. Then accordingly they will give you instructions.

The Time Period Required to Conduct EPC Survey:

Actually, you should know that it depends upon the actual size of your property. Commonly this survey uses to take 20 to 60 minutes. If you will hire experienced professional then he will help you to finish survey in a minimum amount of time. Actually, it is very simple and quick assessment that a professional person can do very quickly. For this assessor should have the required access to all the areas which they need to check.

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