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Guidelines about use of Domestic scaffolding in London for various purposes.


Regardless of whether somebody is a contractor who needs to get work done on the side of a ten story building, or if somebody just needs to get some roofing done on their own home, the work cannot be completed without the use of domestic scaffolding in London. Scaffolding gives workers a firm place to stand while they are completing the work, as well as providing them with the work space that they need in order to have all the necessary tools readily at hand. In most cases, an individual will be unable to buy, so they will instead need to rent scaffolding. When doing so, it is important to choose the right type of scaffolding in order to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and safely.

Some of the construction jobs will involve roof work and if you are the worker laying the tiles it can be very dangerous as you may need to work at an angle and might not be on a solid foundation and scaffold all of the time. The roof will need to be secure and watertight and this may well involve lots of time on the roof. There are precautions to take to ensure safety which concentrates on safe access to the roof such as scaffolds, mobile access equipment and roof access hatches.

Types of work that can be carried out on ropes as an alternative to scaffolding are:

  • Gutter & Downpipe cleaning, repair & maintenance
  • Vegetation removal from building facades, rooftops and gutters
  • Stonework: pointing, cleaning and repair at height
  • Roof repairs and rooftop maintenance
  • Cleaning and Painting at height
  • High level Electrics & Wiring
  • Bird and Pest control solutions such as prevention netting
  • High level Glazing Solutions
  • Inspection and Testing services

Many people are put off from getting scaffolds for smaller jobs because they assume they are reliant on contractors erecting them and then failing to come back and take the structure down once the job is completed, leaving you with poles and tubes outside your property for weeks on end. However there is a product now called 'system scaffolding' which slot together and, when used correctly, are strong and flexible. This structure is ideal for the DIY market and of course once you have all the fittings you can use it again and again. However safety is paramount and before you attempt to erect the scaffolding yourself you should be aware of all the relevant safety regulations. Using the best domestic scaffolding in London safety measure regularly and especially while working at a height of more than six feet; can help to prevent unexpected accidents and save the lives of many. The basic materials used in scaffolding are tubes, couplers, joint pins and boards etc. Most companies that manufacture stainless steel scaffolding tubes have a product.  Scaffold hire, working platform, access hire and towers come in all shapes and sizes and are an excellent resource to enable work to be carried out safely and usually to a higher standard than traditional ladder hire. It is usually money well spent and providing all the health & safety issues are complied with it is as safe as working on the ground.

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