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Guidelines to Buy Perfect Glass Top Dining Table According to Space Requirement

Glass Top Dining Table

If you have at least watched one classic movie, then you have most definitely observed scenes set in the dining room with dining tables laden with all kinds of delicious food dishes. This display is a somewhat unrealistic one because a family of five or so doesn’t usually eat all that food in one sitting. Well, if we are to get into the discussion of how the food logic works, we will not finish. And that is why we shall shift your focus to something even more vital, like the dining table itself. 

What is the fuss about dining tables?

Believe it or not, there was a time that dining tables did not serve the purpose they do today. Tables were instead meant for reading, writing and playing games up until the 16th century when their usage for dining gained traction. And since then it has seen a significant evolution in terms of design, style, so on and so forth. 

Since then, the dining table, which ideally sits in the dining room became the focal point of the home. It became a place where members of the family came together to share meals. It was the first place where they met when starting their day and the last place they convened before heading to bed. So much so, the dining table has been the site where families share the hearty laughs at, and the place they got to enjoy each other's company unrestricted.

Today, especially when people have become glued to the screens of their phones, the dining room is still the one zone in the house all family members get to sit together, communicate and share their day’s events. In addition to being a place to share a meal, it adds to the aesthetics of your home. It is, however, still utilized as a reading table as well as a place to play games. 

Well, we can all agree that a home looks sort of incomplete without a dining table and lavish with a dining table set in place. And it is for that reason we have this piece to guide you to get you a glass top table set that will match up all your desires. 

Things to consider before getting your glass-top dining table set

There are so many things you can look into to help you select a glass-top dining table, but the ones that follow are so far the best guidelines.

The Design

Glass Top Dining Table

The design of the table you decide to go with will solely depend on your taste. And as you know, each person is different, which means what appeals to one person doesn't have the same effect on another person. With that said, it is almost impossible to mention all the designs that the dining tables come in, but we will look at the most common and the most preferred ones. 

  • The first design of dining tables is the traditional four-legged wooden ones that are simple and quite plain. The great thing about these simple designs is that they get to blend with almost all decors you chose to put in your house. This type of table is timeless. The traditional sets have individual seats or benches that match the table.  
  • The second category includes modern designs that are quite frankly too many. The contemporary designs have modified looks such as a reduced number of table legs as opposed to the four in the traditional designs. Modern designs are quite appealing, and most of them have striking appearances. This, however, can be a disadvantage, as a modern set may not blend effortlessly with the other house decor. And for that reason, they tend to need more modifications, such as repainting when passed down from person to person.

The Styles- Minimalist, Conservationist, or Retro?

Glass Top Dining Table

Some people may argue that style and design are similar, but contrary to belief, the two are quite different. The design focuses on how the object is made, and the style focuses on how that object is presented. With that said, when settling on the style of your glass top dining table, be sure to consider how your furniture will appear aesthetically involving the design as well as the theme of your decor. For instance, if you are going for rustic-inspired style, choose a glass top table that has a wooden base with a transparent glass at the top. Other styles that have become quite prevalent through the years are the minimalist, the conservationist, nature lovers, retro, and recycling styles. 

The mentioned styles do not only look phenomenal in your house but also help in the conservation of our planet. Especially the minimalist one which revolves around the idea of using as little as possible and the recycler one which aims to reuse or improvise ordinary objects into the making of a dining room set. The style may also be determined by the era the table was made. Some people go through impossible hoops to get to the medieval dining table sets that were used by ancient kings centuries back. And carry out minor upgrades such as repainting or adding glass tops.

The Material- Wooden, Metallic or Glass?

Glass Top Dining Table

The material you chose must be aligned with what you envision. There is a multitude of materials today that can be modified into making a dining set fit for the gods. The typically and most used material is perhaps timber, which has been used time after time. And to even dig a little deeper, every possible wood, hardwood or softwood has been dissected out to make a table. 

wooden tables

One thing about wooden tables is that they are timeless and will not require repair and maintenance if properly looked after. It would cost the owner a repaint or a leg replacement once in every blue moon, which is not expensive. Wooden tables, unfortunately, are likely candidates of termite infestation. In that, if the timber used in the making was not well treated, any contact with mites will affect the table's life. This has also posed a long term problem of deforestation, where trees are cut all year long for these tables and other wooden furniture pieces to be made. 

Metallic tables

Metallic tables have an appealing look to them that is quite unmatched when compared to their wooden counterparts. A glass top dining table with a metallic frame is a standard feature on the modernized industrial table styles. And the best thing about these metallic kinds is that termites pose no harm and that they may last years if not centuries intact. The metallic ones, however, tend to be more cumbersome and susceptible to rust. Meaning outdoor locations are a recipe for disaster for these sets unless they have been well insulated by paint and kept away from moisture.

Glass top dining tables may also be entirely made with glass. But this is quite frankly a good option for a person with no kids or pets on the premises. This is because glass is generally fragile and may break into a million pieces if hit with something hard. And these pieces may be hazardous to both children and pets. Glass tables are magnificent masterpieces that look fantastic in any setting and will turn any location to a spectacle. A person who considers choosing a glass table must make sure the glass is hard and that it is scratch resistant. A scratch on the glass will reduce its value exponentially. Luckily there is a way out, one may select a clear hard plastic table that aesthetically looks the same as a glass table, and you do not have to tiptoe every time you use it.

The Size- Big, Small or Custom-Made?

Glass Top Dining Table

The size of your glass top dining table is dependent on a couple of things. The number one determinant is the space you have at home. Meaning if you have a spacious room, you may choose a big table that fits right at the center. If you have a whole hall, then go for a grand table that stretches meters or go for a small one if the space you have is limiting.

The second determinant of the table size is the number of seats you wish to include in your set. If your family has three members, consider getting a four, five, or six-seater for friends or guests who may visit you. And if you have a large family, getting a bigger table or ideally using a bench instead of stand-alone chairs is wise.

Thirdly, the design may dictate the size of your glass top dining table. This is true particularly if you want a custom made dining table set with your specifications. Upon consultation, you will be advised on the size based on the design as some designs might look better when big while others may look better when small. In this case, you should be open-minded to a few modifications if your dream isn't practical to the space you have at home. 

Shapes- Which Shape Should You Choose?

Glass Top Dining Table

The shape of your glass top table may frankly take up any form you deem fit. Well, as long as it makes structural sense, the sky is the limit. With that said, you can have your table circular, rectangular, square, octagonal, or even decagonal. The restrictions on the shape will, however, be dependent on the size of the room you wish to put the table in.

Another crucial thing that people overlook is if the table will fit through the doorways. It would be quite unfortunate that you make a hexagonal-shaped table that doesn't get through the front door. Or one that fills up space and leaves no room for the seats. Which will mean it is taken back to the workshop.

Some shapes may also be too complicated or may require specialized machinery that a typical carpenter may lack. And this will prompt you to get a high-end professional who will ask for more substantial compensation. So much so, you must be willing to meet the carpenter halfway if you wish to get a custom made glass top dining table.

Table Components of Glass Top Dining Table

Glass Top  Table

Table components entail the individual parts found on a dining table set. Well, there are the typical parts of the tabletop and the legs, but some dining sets have modified features that have made dining more exquisite.

Some glass top dining tables have been made with rotating parts to facilitate faster serving. Gone are the days you had to reach out over your neighbor's food to reach the salad bowl or the salt shaker. Now you just wheel it closer to you effortlessly. The movement is facilitated with sliders that are installed below the rotating section. These sliders require periodic greasing to keep them in shape for long. If lubrication is not done correctly, they tend to wear out fast and produce a rather unpleasant scratching sound. A glass top dining table with this feature would be perfect for a round table used either at home or at the office.

Other dining table sets come with inbuilt drawers that help maximize storage space for cutlery. Others found in public places such as restaurants and hotels have hangers installed at the bottom such that the visitors may use to hang their bags as opposed to placing them on the floor or seats.

Colors- Which One Should You Go for?

Glass table top

The color isn't a determinant but rather a matter of inclination. If you love blue, go blue. If red is your preference, do so. Today we are not bound by the boundaries of doing things in a specific way. People are becoming more expressive in their artistic appeal, and for that reason, people are going for bolder and outstanding colors for furniture. Today, it is not a surprise to come across a yellow or orange painted glass top dining set. As a matter of fact, the glass tops on some sets are a burst of color. The glass used on such sets is stained with different shades, and some are infused with vivid marble or precious rocks that glitter. 

The Price of Glass Top Dining Table

Last but not least, we have the price factor that is, without a doubt, the most important of all the factors mentioned above. You may fancy an exquisite glass top dining set that checks all your boxes, but because it doesn't fit into your price range, you have to forfeit it. It is, therefore, advised to be realistic and stick to designs and styles that will fit your budget. But if money is not an issue, the boundaries are stretched far and wide. You may get whatever you desire, locally made or internationally shipped. The choice is up to you.

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