Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Guinness World Record Broken as Player Nets 19.4 Million Euro in Absolootly Mad Jackpot!

After waiting over 3 years, the long wait is finally over. A new record payout has been awarded to one lucky winner. A cool 19.4 Million Euros was won, and the player became the 95th millionaire caused via the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network (MPJN).

The previous record of any slot machine was set at 18.92 Million Euros and that has now been smashed by just over half a million Euros. 19,430,723.60 Euros was by a Belgian who was playing a game from the Mega Moolah range, the game appropriately named Absolootly Mad. Absolootly Mad was designed by a Microgaming independent studio named Triple Edge Studios.

Covid 19 has had a huge impact on everyday life. It has impacted our work, our social life and our recreation. The past 18 months have proved to be difficult on many industries, but the online industry has seen a steep rise in the number of users. Online gaming has seen an increase in the number of users and this has had a positive impact on Progressive Jackpots which are also seen in Thailand on sites like

The number of millionaires being created by Mega Moolah is quite astonishing. Microgaming has now paid out a reported 1,300,000,000 Euros. As the pandemic continues and people are finding more time to sit and play the Progressive Jackpot games, it is clear that the number will increase at a faster rate than ever before, especially when you consider that in the past 2 weeks almost 40 million Euros has been paid out! 

€38,985,159.46 Paid Out From 3 Top Progressive Jackpots in The Past 2 Weeks!

In the past 14 days, we have seen almost 40 million Euros paid out. In the past month, there has been 3 occasions where over 1 million Euros has been paid out of the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network.
On 14th April and 19th April there was a combined 19.5 million paid out in Jackpots. The first being a whopping 17.53 million and the second on the 19th paying just over 2 million Euros, becoming the 93rd and 94th MPJN millionaires, respectively. The first Jackpot of the month came from WowPot. Some say that it was about time as it had been almost a year and a half since the game came onto the scene and it was yet to pay. Just like waiting for a bus, you wait so long and then two come at once, as only 5 days later the WowPot Jackpot paid again, this time a modest 2 million Euros as it hadn’t had very long to accumulate.  

We didn’t have long to wait until the Jackpot bells were ringing again as the Absolootly Mad Jackpot paid it’s Guiness World Record 19.4 million Euro prize, making this by far the highest paying month in Progressive Jackpot history.

The Only Way is Up for Mega Moolah Jackpot Network as it Continues to Grow

Each Mega Moolah and WowPot titles are all linked to 4 separate progressive jackpots. Each jackpot pays a different amount. These are called the Mini, Minor, Major and the Mega for the Mega Moolah network, and they are called the same for WowPot except for the Mega which is called and the WowPot for the WowPot network.

The slots currently in the collection are Absolootly Mad, Atlantean Treasures, Fortunium Gold, Juicy Joker and the original Mega Moolah, but there are more to come with Immortal Romance soon to join the ranks along with Mega Moolah Goddess. This will bring a combined number of titles up to 7. This means that the jackpot network will have more opportunity to collect contributions and appealing to more players as they demonstrate different themes.

 How Do Microgaming Jackpots Grow to Their Million Euro Status?

When you start seeing the payouts recording and percentage chance of winning, you can’t help but wonder ‘where is the profitability?’. It may even be difficult to believe all of the stories about people who have won the jackpots. So how can these games pay so much money?

You need to consider that there are hundreds of online casinos each with the progressive jackpots featured in their slots section. The same game in one casino is linked to that very same game on a completely separate platform. Each casino will have hundreds, if not thousands of players playing that one game each and every single day. A small percentage of every stake will go towards the Progressive Jackpot. Consider that when you have thousands of players playing on one machine, it is quite plausible how quickly and how high the numbers can be.

To attract players in the first place, Microgaming will guarantee an initial prize pool that will be at the low end of the prize scale, but one that is still very tempting. So, whenever the Major or the WowPot pays out, the network will reset to 2 million Euros.


The networks are now being introduced into walk-in casinos. The land-based businesses are seeing the potential as the popularity of these games increases. Of course, the classics will always remain, but it is vital that businesses keep up to date with the latest trends and attractions. Slot titles in casinos can now connect to an internal network, this will grow the jackpots in the same way. The land-based casinos are limited in numbers as they don’t have the reach of an online game so the jackpots will be slower in growth than that of Mega Moolah or WowPot.

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