GUYING A GOOD CIGAR – Answers from Cigar Connoisseurs!


For all we know, cigars consist of puffing pomp and celebratory charm, which men of luxury rather appreciate! However, the experience of puffing one pompously is relatively easier than sorting one out from its numberless existing sizes, shapes, and even potential warning signs!

Probably the best way to go about it is educating yourself! If you are an avid stogie seeker looking for answers to this somewhat baffling puzzle, then this post will throw light on the right approach to buy quality ones!

So, Let’s Begin!

Do Proper Research

Taking into account that most consumers spark up a cigar on a once-in-a-blue-moon basis- mostly to reveal a momentous occasion or milestone; doing extensive research should be your first course of action!


To find the right cigar for you (and your celebratory occasion), you need to consider its shape, size, flavour, and body. Doing so, irrefutably goes a long way in making your huffing and puffing experience immeasurably better and with the likelihood of you repeating the process altogether for a sustained period!

Are Bigger Cigs Better?

All cigars are measured in terms of their ring gauge and their overall diameter. With the tick of time, large-sized or buffy cigars have radically increased in acceptance probably because users often regard their bigger size to offer them a better puffin experience and more bang for your bucks!

Some even hold the notion that buffy cigars deliver a cooler and longer smoking experience- which clearly most enthusiasts appreciate! But note-to-self, this can also be achieved through the thinnest cigars; if you take your sweet time to smoke them!

When purchasing your enjoyable cigar, remember that bigger cigars don’t necessarily mean that they are better to the other options around. So, don’t base your choice on this one factor. Dig deeper into the other options. Check their history, their popularity, the smoking experience from previous customers, as well as the overall costs.

After all, it is all about how you smoke your opted cigar and now how big or how appealing your opted cigar appears when indulged!

More on the Cigar Body…

In simpler terms- cigar experts equate cigar body to its overall strength. They further opine that cigars with full-bodies are better suited for veteran users who have slowly worked their way to them over the years.

Keeping this in mind, neophytes should consider buying milder ones for their debut experience, rather than opting for more strength sticks, which their uncles or elders have habituated to puffin on usual get-togethers!

If for some reason you think mild-range cigars to be unmanly, then for your knowledge, there is no such thing.

Remember, it’s about your comfort. It’s about your personal smoking experience; AKA, it’s all about you! E-commerce sites of top tobacco product retailers usually offer you a wide variety of cigar bodies.

ü  Vitolas – which can be broken into Parejo (regular) or Figuardo (irregular)

ü  Culebra –which consists of 3 thin-shaped cigars, each twisted around the other to appear like a bundle of snakes

ü  Perfecto – which consists of a different diameter than its base

Due to the different amounts of cigar tobacco present at every stage, the flavour changes all through the smoking experience. So, properly check pics of each cigar type. Read about it for your knowledge and awareness, and then pick accordingly.

Lastly, Ways To Avoid Buying a Bad Cigar?

  • Avoid purchasing cigars that are too dry or cracked
  • Check the listed strength, the wrapper leaf, and the respective manufacturer’s reputation
  • Don’t go for too cheap cigars – they are often the ones who can do plenty of damage to you
  • And most importantly, always purchase from a reputed source that has a reputation of selling the best brand of cigars

Doing all this will help you determine whether the procured cigar is in good condition to enjoy or not!