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6 reasons why your office should have a corporate gym

You might not have realised that many successful companies already have an office gym for their employees to use.

One LinkedIn article cites various examples of such businesses. These include Nike, which runs an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and Google, with the search giant having provided a gym surrounded by a running track. 

Now, here are several good reasons for your own company to start offering a corporate gym. Also know about what is portable gym.

Working out is good for morale 

BOSS Magazine cites “a mountain of scientific evidence” supporting the idea that exercise can be good for boosting mood. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in morale.

Furthermore, once members of your team have seen what they can gain psychologically from exercising, they could be inclined to do it even more — resulting in the beneficial effect mushrooming. 

Access to a corporate gym can be an employee perk 

Imagine being able to let employees know that their benefits package includes access to an onsite gym complete with a range of reliable and all-round high-quality fitness gear.

Simply knowing that these goodies are right on the doorstep can do wonders for the satisfaction of your employees — and incentivise them to stay at your company for the long haul. 

Workers can more easily find time to exercise 

If several members of your team have said that they would love to exercise more but simply “don’t have the time”, you could make things easier by bringing the gym to them.

This helps to explain why an onsite gym can be an appealing alternative to, say, offering discounts on gym membership. It’s easier to squeeze in time for a session at the gym when it’s within walking — rather than driving — distance.

Physical activity can relieve stress 

No matter what kind of work your business does, at least some stress is bound to result. This can occur when, say, employees are rushing to get certain assignments done by tight deadlines.

However, while workplace stress might be inevitable, that doesn’t mean your workers have to be left with no means of reining it in. With a gym at close hand, these people can engage in valuable stress-relieving exercise.

You don’t need to build the gym yourself 

Instead, your business could rent an office where access to an onsite gym will already be an option. 

If you fret that it could take an unhelpfully long time for you to find an office of this description, why not ask an office broker to do the searching on your behalf? For example, Office Freedom can assist if you would like to start renting a serviced office in Central London.

A corporate gym can spark the start of an extensive workout regime 

This kind of gym would be so close by that certain members of your team could be tempted to give it a try even if they don’t strictly class themselves as fitness buffs. 

Furthermore, when they do try it, they could find themselves enjoying it so much that they decide to start exercising at many other places, too.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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