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Hacks to Make Your Student Accommodation More Homely.

Living abroad is unarguably one of the most exciting parts of a student's life. However, for many international students, despite it being the perfect opportunity to explore, like learning a new language, meet new friends; settling down in a new country can be pretty complicated. According to a recent study by NUS (National Union of Students), almost 70% of freshers experience Homesickness within the first few weeks of joining University.

We understand how much you are missing that delicious home-cooked meals, comfortable room where you have Pink Floyd posters, Hangouts at your favourite spots with your friends and majorly, your parents. If you are feeling homesick already, don't worry. It's natural. Many things can reduce this feeling, Like making your student accommodation look and feel more homely. There are many student accommodation in Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and many other places- No matter where you go, You can make that place your lovely home.

When you move into a new place, you might find it cold and soulless, more like a boring blank canvas. But don't worry, you can make your room look different from the rest of the rooms on your floor, or your student accommodation building, to get "Home away from Home" vibe.

Making it feel cosy and homely on a student budget can be quite tricky, These hacks can help you on the same.

#1 Plant your room.

Plants can be the most effective way to make a room feel more lively.  Head to a garden centre nearby and get the perfect house plant in Minimum cash to give your room a cheap and beautiful makeover.

Getting Plants to your room and clueless of its benefits? Not only it will make your room look alive, but also reduce carbon dioxide levels, airborne dust levels, and can also help relieve stress. Best indoor plants which can brighten up your space include - Calathea, Money Tree, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy, Bunny Ears Cactus, Philodendron and many more.

#2 Spice things up by rearranging your furniture.

Always keep your sleeping space and working space separate. Most of the rooms are typically similar, That's fine, That's how it is supposed to be. You can't expect to have a flowery curtain, modern furniture and cool posters. This room is yours now, and you will make it homely and comfortable. Rearrange your furniture, and you will instantly feel a little bit different about your room. For instance, You can keep your study table near the window so that you get proper light while studying or you can also keep a table near your bed where you can keep all your important stuff like Laptop, glasses or Water-bottle.


#3 Make your room a cosy and chill-out space.

Get a funky bed sheet from the market nearby, Cover the walls with your family or friends photographs, your favourite band and motivating posters. Make sure you don't leave greasy marks on your wall.

Get some twinkly lights - Your room will look cosy when softly lit up by fairy light. ( better than a 40-watt bulb overhead). You can also get a standing lamp to light up your room, reading light for your desk, or bedside table to keep you away from straining your eyes.

#4  Bring along your favourite home comforts

Make sure you bring your favourite comforter,coffee mug, teddy bear, which can make your new room feel more like home- This will not only make your room feel more homelike but will also help in reducing the feeling of Homesickness. Get things which can help you not feel that way and cheer you up when you are going to that low zone.

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Vinod Kumar
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