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Hair World Turkey November 2020

Hair transplants in Turkey

Deciding to undergo hair transplant surgery in Turkey is a big step to take; however, if you carry out your research carefully and commit to all before and after-care advice, it can result over time in a fuller, thicker head of hair. For so many men and women, hair quality, thickness and the ability to cut and style it in the way that best suits the face plays a huge part in self-confidence and self-identity. Many people report feeling better mentally as well as physically after undergoing the procedure, which can have long-lasting consequences on their approach to life and all it can offer.

As with any surgery, especially when it is taking place in a different country to where you normally live, it is crucial to carry out extensive research into several areas first. Final decisions must be taken with all available information to hand, and by consulting experts and loved ones to make completely sure that it is the right route for you to take. To follow are four key areas to look more closely into before embarking upon any hair transplants in Turkey or elsewhere.

Medical suitability

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure and can have repercussions on future health if not carried out properly, or is conducted on a person who is not suitable for the surgery in the first place. It is crucial to consult your doctor before booking any procedures, as they will be able to assess your suitability and refer you to the most suitable hair transplant specialist in Turkey or elsewhere. You will need to disclose any health issues and medications that you are on, as well as any other concerns around allergies, mental health issues and previous operations. Only then can your doctor and any other specialists involved agree to proceed. Beware and avoid any company or individual who is willing to do your hair transplant without a thorough medical checkup and consultation in advance.

Transport logistics

Any surgery taking place in a country where the patient does not normally reside will come with added transport and logistical challenges. Make sure you know where you will be travelling to, where you can stay and the transport needed to get you there and back home again. You will also need to make these arrangements for anyone travelling with you – most surgery procedures require the patient to have someone with them to take them home, or to the place where they will recuperate. Buying tickets in advance as much as possible will ease logistics during the time you are there.


Knowing how you are going to cover the costs associated with hair transplant surgery in Turkey is crucial, as it will not only alleviate worry and stress ahead of the trip, it also ensures that you receive the right level of care before, during and after the surgery. Check with your medical insurance to see what is – and more importantly not – covered and find out how the payments are to be made, especially if you have to pay anything upfront. You will also need to budget for travel, accommodation, food and any additional medical costs, such as medication or bandages during your recovery.

After-care and follow-ups


Finally, a hair transplant is only as good as the after-care it receives, so make sure you carry out thorough research into how to look after your newly applied hair grafts in the days and weeks following surgery. Look especially into how to ensure your safety and continuous recovery during the trip back to your home country and what to do if things don’t go as planned and you need to see your surgeon for any unexpected issues or problems. You may need to book in one or more return trips to ensure that your specialist can see for themselves how the hair transplant is progressing.

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