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Handy Nicer Dicer, a Time-saving Machine

Onestephub.com is that the compact, transportable hand-held food schoolwork system that will slice, dice, chop and wedge your vegetables and fruit in an exceedingly single second! With 3 interchangeable super-sharp blade inserts made from the best steel you'll be able to do away with knives and chopping boards that require to be cleaned once each use. Food is sliced right into the bowl, pot, pan, or dish.

Then, Nicer mechanical device fast will be rinsed below a faucet and it's able to return. Swapping blades is therefore fast and simple that you simply will go from slicing orange segments and back to dicing onions in seconds! merely place the blade you would like into position, place the food on high and snap the higher section into place. in only one second you'll be able to have 10 slices, thirty cubes, or six segments or wedges within the time it takes to snap shut the unimaginable Nicer dicer fast. And, once you are done, simply lock it closed and store it in an exceeding drawer!

Three Blades With Four Ways in Which to Chop
The clever style of handy Nicer dicer means with simply three-blade inserts you'll be able to produce thick slices, skinny slices, strips or sticks, cubes, and wedges! The blades will be placed, one on top of the opposite, to show thick slices into skinny ones! Then, flip one blade through ninety degrees and you've got cut strips or sticks for dipping! currently, place those strips back on the blades sideways, and they are take away utterly sq. cubes! Finally, replace the blades with the divided wedge cutter and oranges, limes, lemons, and even soft tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs through it to make excellent, equal segments or wedges in an exceedingly single second.

You insert the cutting material, depress, and everything is cut utterly in seconds. whether or not soft or laborious foods like courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, lemons, and far a lot of. the additional sharp chrome steel blades area unit bolstered for quick, even results - on every occasion. With the Nicer mechanical device fast, you'll be able to cut directly into the pan, bowl, or pot: for speed and suppleness while not abundant effort and dirt within the room.

 handy Nicer dicer 
comes with an imaginative, made-to-measure plastic instrumentality and a click-lock lid that truly fits directly onto the Nicer dicer fast therefore you'll be able to slice and chop fruit and veggies, even stewed eggs, meat, or cheese right into the instrumentality and seal all that freshness in. Then, you'll be able to store it within the icebox for a family meal or dish or take it away to figure or college for a super-healthy lunch that could not be fresher.
How it works:
First. Place the vegetable on the blade. check that that the vegetable to be sliced stays entirely among the blade space otherwise. you may have an issue chopping it place a hand flat on the lid. If you get food like that is|this that is} extremely laborious that's a parsnip. And place it down and simply provides it a pleasant very little zest yea it will pop the food through we'll take our onions.
Look at that once you need to create
grated potatoes. Forget these old-school knuckle Buster's with the genius kitchen utensil. it is a snap watch. you'll be able to shred potatoes in seconds. It within the same instrumentality. then snap on the contemporary keeping lid and seal it stack. And store it you'll be able to even take it with you and be the hero at your next party.
Cleaning your nicer dicer:
To begin cleanup your dicer, 1st take away the pusher block, bumpers, and blade assembly. Wash, rinse, and sanitize all the items. Once all the things area unit dry, piece your unit and you can dice! How to scrub clean up maybe a snap use a moist material with some detergent or sanitizer to get rid of any food from the bottom of the lid.

Take the unit fully apart for cleanup with soap and water or a light detergent. forthwith once cleanup, piece the nicer dicer. To prolong the sharpness of the blades, use a fine honing stone on each of the flat and beveled sides of the blade, however, don't file it.

The main features to be seen while selecting handy nicer dicer:

The main features that should be taken into consideration are,


The main feature is the material of the dicer. A good material specifies the best outcome and result. Thus this should be considered.

Less expensive:

The best product always comes with less price and better quality. Thus choose the nicer dicer for a low price as this would help you save your pocket aside.


Handy nicer dicer helps to save your time in the kitchen. It is a quick and best way to cut your stuff in proper shapes.


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