Happy employees equal high productivity

Employee happiness and satisfaction has finally become one of the main focuses when it comes to business efficiency

Employee happiness and satisfaction has finally become one of the main focuses when it comes to business efficiency. Happy employees are simply more efficient, productive and are more likely to work long hours and overtime. In a turbulent, volatile global market we find ourselves today, the recruiting and hiring environment does also share these traits. Therefore, acquiring and retaining high-value employees is a critical aspect of any successful business. A low turnover rate is good for the bottom line and is also meant to create and build a company foundation for the future. Now, the basic premise of this article may sound like an obvious one. And maybe that is right, hardly deserving of a scientific research to prove the obvious. But what is not so obvious is creating a successful employee engagement strategy and implementing it. Here are some ways that we can use to go on about it.


The definition


First things first. Let us define what workplace happiness even stands for. As many studies, as well as common sense, have confirmed, happiness is linked to productivity. But what does it mean to be truly happy in the workplace? The feeling of acknowledgment is high on our list. Knowing that it is you that is the one that matters. Also, that you are the one that is making an impact. Regular encouragement regarding our progress is also vital. All of this sounds easy, it is simple to implement and it doesn’t cost much if anything at all. So why is it that, more often than not, employees do not feel valued in their working environment? In our capitalism-focused global market, companies are more inclined towards what is being done, rather than who is doing it. As mentioned before, all humans have the need to grow in order to remain productive and engaged. Making the steps needed to acknowledge their contributions can go a long way.


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Practising what we preach


Working what we love, in a place that we love, with people that bring us joy can seem like a work of fiction. But it is possible, it can be pursued and promoted. The challenge for us is how to promote happiness in the workplace. Some people are generally happier than others. Promoting engagement with these individuals is a good path to consider, as they can often set an example for others. Happiness and good vibes are contagious. In the past, there we strong correlations between material wealth and happiness. But more and more studies are emerging that prove the existence of mass shift in thinking. This correlation is not prevalent anymore, as people living in emerging economies are reported to have very similar levels of overall happiness.


Encouraging communication


Employees should be able to communicate and share ideas freely and without holding back. One of the things we can do to promote such a concept is to create dedicated spaces for such activities. Casual conversations in the kitchen can become idea-sharing exchanges. By making an area inviting to such endeavours, we will give much higher chances that it will come to fruition. Equipping such spaces with nice furniture, tables, appliances, snacks, and beverages can go a long way.


Promoting safety


One of the highest-ranking needs of any and every individual is personal safety, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. There is no debating, or going around it. A safe working environment is a must for a successful business. Even if we offer all that we can beside it, all of it is for naught. If our employees are in a constant state of concern when it comes to something as basic as immediate personal wellbeing, that is bad. As these prerequisites are most often determined by the law and the local government, there are solutions. Apart from acquiring the appropriate safety features, in our context, providing training to employees has a great psychological effect. Whether it be operating machinery, managing hazardous materials, equipment or environments, or providing confined space courses, these will bring peace of mind. Making our employees the main part in their own safety will give them the sense of engagement.


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Investing in our employees


From the start, we will be hiring people who share the operational values of our company. This will make it easier ultimately for us to provide our employees with the opportunity to grow. There is no better way to express our value to the people in our company. To offer the chance, incentive, and help our employees to become something better and greater, is the ultimate expression of appreciation. And they will be thankful just for the opportunity to do so. So, for us to constantly invest in our employees with education for higher responsibility occupations, is a good way to go. If someone comes through a high-value project following a constructive initiative, reward them. Not necessarily with short-term incentives, but with the opportunity to do and be more. That is where true freedom and acknowledgment lies.


Combining work and personal life


In today’s day and age, it is insufficient to focus solely on befits when engaging a workforce. The biggest businesses are creating an environment where employees can connect to the organization on a deeper level. A simple work-oriented relation towards our company leaves much-wasted potential. A deeper connection to the business and the people in it will ultimately lead to a rich and fulfilling life.


Hiring human relation experts, managers and business leaders have proved to be some of the best ways to keep employees satisfied. Now, when implementing employee engagement strategies such as these, there can initially be feelings of unpreparedness and intimidation. That is more or less common. Overcoming the challenge of engaging employees is a smaller problem when pursuing the potentials of a happy and satisfied workforce. Motivated teams will perform better and more efficiently. Not only that, but employees will have a much higher chance of staying within our company. High-skilled labour is very valuable and is to be nurtured and cherished, along with the person behind it.

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