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Happy‌ ‌Summer‌ ‌with‌ ‌Harmonious‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Décor‌ ‌Tips!‌ ‌

Hey summer is here! And we know how excited you are to bid adieu to the snow and chills of winter. The blazing sun, bright daylight and warm evenings are pure bliss after the dark winter nights. And apart from your eating and outing preferences, even your home décor calls for a lot of changes to welcome the happy summer months.

We have always seen the summer fashion taking centre stage when the snow starts to melt. But do you know, even your home décor demands some compatible changes to keep up to the change of the season?! And believe us, these go beyond putting away your blankets and switching off the heating system.

Best Home Décor Tips Just in Time for Summer!

Your home may require some changes as the temperature soars high. These are essential to make you more comfortable during the warmer months and enjoy the summer vibes to the fullest. So, ready to give your home the summery touch-up? Read how!

  • Let the sunlight pour in — Summers are all about enjoying the sunlight. You have waited for all these months for this warm glow to flood your home. It’s time to embrace the heat and light welcomingly. You can change your heavy and dark drapes that were part of your winter décor to light and colorful drapes. You may even add a layer of sheer or net (remember the French country charm?!) curtains to invite the sun rays in without affecting your interiors due to the blazing heat. And if you’re choosing the ones with spring flowers on them, you immediately create a feeling of proximity to nature.
  • A new look and polish on the floor — After winter is over, you would obviously feel like dancing in merriment – often barefoot in your home in your sheer excitement. And what else than a fresh polish or staining on your hardwood flooring in Wellington by Native Grain Flooring can make that barefoot dancing feel like walking on the clouds?! They’ll provide a fantastic new look and feel to your floor by a perfectly fine job of sanding, buffing, polishing, staining – whatever you want. You can even choose a shade that looks great in the sunlight and thus provides the best ambiance to your home during summers.
  • Plants and Florals —This is a good time to garner your gardening skills. Your options are endless depending upon the available space – from rooftop to balcony to walls (vertical garden), you can turn them all green! But how about taking it a little further? Imbibe freshness to your home with floral upholstery – be it your bedlinen, your drapes, your throws and cushions – the choices are myriad. And who doesn’t love a bunch of fresh flowers in the house!
  • Calm and comfortable bedroom — You can’t leave behind your boudoir, can you? Rollback your thick rugs. It is time for those low pile ones with flatweaves. Also choose natural fibers like cotton, jute, dhurries so that they don’t hold much heat, feel lightweight under your feet and breathe easily without retaining moisture. Even your satin and silk sheets should be replaced by pure cotton and linens. If you want to go for more, you may add a fresh coat of paint in pale yellow hues of the early morning sun, or the baby blue of the summer sky or sage green or lime of the meadows. Don’t you feel happy already?
  • Getting Outdoor Ready — When it’s summer, you would want to make the most of the outdoors. Power clean your deck and outdoor furniture and put a fresh coat of paint or stain. Now add your favorite planters and some throw pillows. Set your barbeque in a corner. Remember to install proper lighting for those barbeque nights. Now let’s turn our attention to your pool and poolside. Clean the area well, set out the deck chairs with comfy cushions – and you are ready for a dip, or a sip with your feet up. 
  • Kitchen in Summer — Well, the heart of the house should get a welcoming facelift with a fresh coat of paint maybe? If you don’t want to take things that far, here are some simpler plans for you! Clean your summer-cooking-gadgets like ice-cream maker and barbeque tongs and the likes, and place them somewhere within easy reach. A floral or pastel valence for the windows would instantly brighten up space. Bring out tableware in mellow hues. Add the finishing touch with seasonal fruits and flowers placed in lovely platters and vases on your countertop.

Now that we have laid down all the cards, the ball is in your court. How you want to go about it totally depends upon your choice, time in hand, and budget for the transformation to happen. Choose the ones that would meet your needs and spruce up your home too! Finally, you are ready to put your feet up and take a sip of a chilled drink as you feel happy in your newly done up summer-friendly cheerful abode.

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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