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Harrogate Convention Centre (HCC) All you need to know


Harrogate Conference Centre history

Harrogate Conference Centre (HCC) - formerly known as the Harrogate International Centre had a recent name change in the month of April in 2017.

The conference centre has famously hosted a number of high brow business events such as, the well established Wedding fair, Gift Show and even the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1982. Conferences were well frequented by the end of WWII, and the main 2,000-seater auditorium opened in 1982 especially for the 1982 song contest.

Harrogate Convention Centre grown in time and now has over 8  halls for the multiple business exhibitions hosted each year. Each hall  adds up to 180,000 square feet of events real estate including a luxury hotel.

Since it’s growth, the centre has an estimated value of £60,000,000 per year for the Harrogate and District economy.

Accommodation Near Harrogate Convention Centre

When you visit the HCC you’ll be overwhelmed with the accommodation options available so, we'll take a look at the best from each section.

Self Catering - Nightspace - choose from a delightful selection of modern flats and houses in located around the HCC in dreamy Victorian buildings. The best serviced apartments harrogate has to offer and the service is always friendly, flexible and welcoming.

Hotels - The Majestic is truly a great building and overlooks the beautiful spa town. Located just a stone's throw away from the HCC and has a multitude of luxury facilities to accommodate the more budget averse traveller.

Caravan - not the most usual or most favourable of accommodation types but the caravan parks in Harrogate boast the wonderful Yorkshire scenery. They have tip top facilities, which make it perfect for those that love to be in nature, and be one with the outdoors.

Airbnb - take your pick from an array of comforting cottages outside the Harrogate centre, to modern quirky flats in the middle of town. The Harrogate folk are always very welcoming and friendly to all new-comners and visitors.

What’s on?

Each year the Harrogate Conference Centre hosts many amazing events and attracts thousands through its doors each year. The events are usually split into consumer focussed exhibitions and trade show exhibitions for the b2b audiences. Each of these events transforms and fills the location making it a super exciting experience each time.

Consumer Events

The Country Living Christmas Fair - is one of the most spectacular events for families for all over. Shop owners come from wide and far to show off their children's toys and Christmas gifts each year causing mass excitement when this show comes to town.

The Northern Antiques Fair - lovers of history, fine art and all things made beautifully in the past will love this event. Discover a world that once was with the incredible array of antiques and trinkets on display at this show.

The Knitting show - “by heck” this one is not one to be missed. A world of delicate, masterful, handmade garments and artwork is uncovered at this truly wondrous event. Seek out the perfect winter wooly for your friends and family at Christmas.

Trade Events

The bridal show - keeps your hats on when this show is in town. You;ll see stunning wedding dress designs, stunning models to match and you’ll love the variety of wedding attire that is on show at this event.

Home and Gift - this event brings in the punters from all over. Everyone with a love for unique gifts and home furnishings will enjoy what this fabulous exhibition offers. Young or old, no matter your tastes, this one will have something for you.

Places to Visit

You’ll need something to do when you’re not in the HCC, so why not take a long look around Harrogate and the glorious surrounding areas.

Brimham Rocks - if you’re looking for a good place to stretch your legs, look no further. Just a short drive out of Harrogate, you’ll find this incredibly fun ancient rock formation. Full of delightful walks and it will give your legs a worthwhile workout. Take in the beautiful scenes and enjoy the wondrous surroundings.

Mother Shipton’s Cave - If you’re into history and geology, this is the place for you. See the incredible rock features from years of limestone water reacting and turning some rather peculiar items into stone.  Mother Shipton’s cave is a great way to kill some time and will make you scratch your head in awe.

The Stray - just go there. See the vast open green belt that borders the town centre. It’s popular with all the locals and used everyday. The perfect place for a summer chill out.

The Valley Gardens - Home to Harrogate’s most beautiful flower beds and water features. Take time out to walk around and discover botanicals from all over the world. This amazing place will keep you occupied for hours.

Well, that’s all the main places and information you need to know about the Harrogate Conference Centre. If you’d like to share more of your findings and recommendations, please do so in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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