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Has the value of SEO changed in 2021?

In this highly competitive digital world, billions of websites are trying to grab the attention of the customers. Since a major chunk of this journey is happening digitally, the brands have to come up with engaging and optimized content to reach their targeted customers. Today’s marketers should know how to ideally combine SEO and content marketing efforts into one function to successfully influence the consumers who are either in the discovery phase or purchase stage. Irrespective of whether the company is large or small they all need a good SEO strategy to achieve the level of success they are aiming at.

The Value of SEO

Based on SEO, Google or other search engines determine whether the website deserves to get a high rank against each query entered into its search engine. Without SEO, there would have been a lot of manipulation in the search results and some sites would consistently maintain #1rank irrespective of whether they deserve or not. 

SEO is a tool that helps in maintaining fair search results and reduces the chances of manipulation as much as possible. The search engines have certain criteria and if the sites meet the specified criteria, their chances of reflecting at the top of the search results improve. Users have a tendency to trust the search engines, so if your website attains a high rank in the search engine results it indicates that it is a credible source. 

SEO is quite cost-effective and companies that can’t afford to pay huge money on paid website traffic and have a tight budget can opt for this marketing strategy. SEO can help you effectively drive qualified traffic to your site without making any direct payment.

As the owner of the website of a company, the higher is the rank of your website you will get more clicks and thus experience better traffic on your site. SEO can practically help improves user experience and increase the chances of your customers becoming repeat buyers. 

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

SEO is a systematic process that can help to improve your non-paid ranking in any online search. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing review websites to check for information that matches the user search. The better is the match, the higher will be the ranking of the page. To improve your website’s search engine ranking you need to ensure that your site has all the elements that every search engine is looking for. A few of the elements are as follows:

Content – Make sure your website contains content that people find useful. If the matter is useful, it will be automatically shared across all social media platforms. Always focus on the quality of the content and not the quantity. Know the selling point of your company and ensure that these are included in the form of keywords or phrases in the content of your website to make it easier for the users to find you.


Titles – Try including unique meta-titles and descriptions on each page of your website. Meta-titles basically summarize the contents of each page. Also, ensure that the structure of the URL is user-friendly. Both of these give a clear picture of what your page is all about.


Images – Every search engine scans the images of your website while searching for results. So, make sure that your image files are named appropriately and not something vague like “image_5.”


Links – Links refer to both inbound and outbound links present on your website. If a website contains links to other sites, as per the search engine, your website includes valuable information. But here, you should be careful and include links to only trustworthy sites.


Viewable – In this case you need to ensure that your site can be viewed from all devices like phones, tablets and laptops. Your website should be responsive, optimized and definitely user-friendly. The website speed and the time it takes to load can also impact the SEO results. So, you need to ensure that your site loads fast and runs smoothly.


Secure – Make sure the URL of your website starts with https, especially if you deal with sensitive information or deal in e-commerce activities.

Be patient

SEO is very crucial and must be a core part of the marketing strategy of every company. The SEO process takes time to yield results. It may take even months. It is a lengthy process, which you have to deal with patience. So, if want immediate results, you should go for some paid search marketing campaign, but never underestimate SEO and its powerful impact.

SEO Marketing in Toronto


SEO is one of the most important traits for running a successful online business. In Toronto, irrespective of whether the companies are large or small requires a good SEO strategy to attain success. When we talk of SEO competitiveness for an area, region or country Toronto ranks the highest. Trevor Tynes is one of the leading companies that deal with Search Engine Optimization in Toronto. For some effective SEO solutions, you can get in touch with us today.


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