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Have a Wonderful Trekking Experience at The Himalayan Ranges

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The Himalayan mountain ranges have so many stories attached to it. It has been the subject, the muse and the inspiration to so many kinds of people, artists, hikers, writers, poets, musicians, film makers painters and all those that have had enough to see all that the world had to offer and now want to know what they don’t know. Giving into the wild, the unknown, the uncanny and the wilderness is something one can get closer to finding in these pristine mountain ranges.

 60 percent of the Himalayas are hosted by Nepal, and 30 percent of it lays in India. This is the reason that in the past few decades Nepal and India both have witnessed an increase in their respective trekking scenes.

Nepal automatically has even more trails and trekking routes to be explored and discovered. Trekking in Nepal offers inclusiveness when it comes to the varied types of trekking enthusiasts. While trekking in Nepal you will find all kinds in the spectrum of trekking enthusiasts. Beginners to experienced trekkers to trekkers who want to scale the Everest, Nepal can host all of them without burning a large hole in the pockets.

Trekking in India is a spiritual journey. Most trekking destinations that you may find in India are filled with holy places and pious people visiting them. There is a story in each corner of the famous trekking trails in India and a God protecting that area.

But what are the most famous trekking destinations in the Himalayas, just in case there are some of you who want to get the best of the Himalayas?` here is a compilations of the best trek during the 5 seasons summer, spring, monsoon, autumn and winter


For trekking in the summers one of the most underrated and thoughtfully so, is the trek in Buran ghati. This is an ideal trek that is packed with moments of adventure, thrill and rigorous trekking along with repose in the most scenic spaces. One reaches a highpoint of 15,000 ft in duration of 8-9 days depending on the level of trekking experience one may have. This trek offers lake views, pass trekking, snow mountain climbing and meadow camping and if this is not what composes an ideal trek then I don’t know what does!


The Pangarchula summit trek is another trek that may look risky but has towering rewards of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. This trek is best done when there is snow covering these ranges because other times loose boulders up the risk factor. This trek will take you though magnificent oak forests, a meadow that is surrounded by peaks on all directions, the still waters of the perched Tali Lake and marvellous views of the mount Nanda Devi. This trek reaches a high point of 15,100 ft and is an 8 days long trek.


This is the best season to go on lake hopping adventures in Kashmir. Monsoon calls for the Kashmir great lakes trek which takes you through 5 pristine lakes. These lakes are the Vishansar Lake, Krishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Gangabal Lake, Nundkol Lake in order of approach. Imagine camping near the reflective still waters of these humungous lakes besides a warming bonfire. This unique trek reaches a high point of 13,750 feet and can be covered in a matter of 8 days in leisure time.


The goechala trek is not only the most famous trek when it comes to Himalayan trekking trails, but also the best trek to go for in the autumn season for the amount of variety in terrains and the alpine goodness that you will witness in dry sight. This trek is filled with sights of lush waterfalls, the open grasslands, the picturesque views of the peaks of mount Kanchenjunga. This trek leads you to a high point of 15,100 ft in a matter of 8 days.


The shimmering waters of the Brahmatal Lake reflecting the mount Trishul and mount Nanda Gunti, is a special treat to the eyes. The Brahmatal lake trek is another famous trek of the Himalayan Region. This trek is not so hard to scale and one can cover it in duration of 7 days. One will reach a high point of 12,250 ft during this trek. The beauty of scaling this trek in the winters is that you can take a walk over the frozen waters of the Brahmatal and this is an epic experience.

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