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Have an overweight dog? Shed that extra weight these 4 tips!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”- Josh Billings

Rightly said, anyone who owns a dog, ends up sometimes loving the animal more than anyone else. While this may not be the case at all times, we do tend to pamper our furry pals quite often. When pampering or indulgence is concerned, it comes in the form of treating them with their favorite delicious foodstuff. While your dog maybe over-elated at the sight and taste of his/her most favorite dish, do you know how much calories are you feeding your pal?

If you continue to pamper your dog with such calorie-rich edibles, chances are your poor furry pal will end up being overweight or obese. Like in humans, obesity in dogs also relates to several other diseases like arthritis, heart disorders, tumors, skin diseases and so on. Providing a nutritious diet from your raw dog food supplier in USA is undoubtedly important, irrespective if your dog is overweight, underweight or has the ideal weight.

If you are unsure whether your dog is overweight or not, check for these signs:

The ribs are covered with extra fat and waist cannot be seen clearly from above.
There are deposition of fats at the lower portion and at the base of the tail.
Fat depositions in the neck, legs and spine along with expansion of the abdomen.

How can I make my overweight dog lose pounds?

Losing weight can be difficult, whether it is in the case of a human or a dog. But if you follow some simple tips, losing those ugly fats from your dog’s body can become simpler. The tips are:

Have a healthy game plan- Only feeding your dog nutritious diets frequently is not enough; encourage healthy metabolism in your dog’s everyday activities by including various games and sports. Just like in humans, exercising is a great stimulator for shedding fats from your dog’s body. Take your dog for a walk, playing soccer or any other easy games.

Supervise his/her calorie intake- Providing the right amount of nutrition is very important. You shouldn’t provide an excess of any nutrient- carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. If your dog is overweight, consider changing his/her daily diet after consulting your veterinarian. You can also get dog food home delivered from your trusted dog food brand because they offer pet foods that specifically cater to the nutritional needs of all kinds of dogs depending on their breed, body weight, age and size.

The appropriate way to feed your dog- You can also change the way you feed your dog. In other words, if you have been giving your dog’s food in whole pieces, break it into smaller pieces. This will improve your dog’s digestion and work in reducing weight. Limit the number of treats you give your dog and you will see how it is making a difference!

Figuring out the best exercise for your dog- Make sure the exercise that you choose is suitable for your dog breed. Every dog is different in its own way. The chosen exercise should be according to your dog’s age, breed, size and vigor.

Conclusion- While feeding your dog is definitely acceptable and necessary, make sure you don’t end up pampering your furry friend more than required! Because remember, health is always wealth for your dog! By following the above-mentioned tips, you can gradually put an end to all the underweight issues and see your dog gleeful, thrilled and enjoying life to the fullest! To know more about overweight dogs, visit http://www.perrousa.com/

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