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Having an Energy Efficient Business

Business owners are usually interested in finding ways to make their buildings more energy efficient. Energy conservation can save money as well as make a building more attractive to a future buyer and more. This is also good for the environment. It decreases greenhouse gas emissions as well as the demand for sources of energy that are not renewable. 


Home Insulation

Proper insulation is an important aspect of having an energy-efficient business. When a building does not have proper insulation, it is releasing significant heat during cold temperatures. This will cost a business owner money. It's important to have the right weather stripping, insulation as well as other types of insulation in a building. 



It is recommended for a business owner to spray caulk or foam and seal any holes near necessary penetrations. This could include vents, pipes as well as recessed lighting. Sealing these holes could also be done to penetrations on the outside of a building, an unfinished basement, crawl space as well as attic and more.


Replacing Windows

Windows can be a source of significant heat loss when outside temperatures are cold. During warm temperatures, a lot of cool air could be lost. This will add to the cost of energy for a building. A place with older windows may not be as energy-efficient as possible. Installing vinyl frames and double panel windows is a good idea. They are far better than older windows with aluminum frames and single pane windows.


Programmable Thermostat

This is a way for people to set a temperature for their company building and not worry about adjusting the thermostat. A programmable thermostat is very cost-effective to purchase and install. It can help a business owner save money by making sure the best possible temperature for their home occurs during the cold months as well as the hot months.


Solar Panels

Many buildings experience significant savings by utilizing solar energy. Solar panels have proven they are able to reduce electricity costs. This technology makes it possible for business owners to produce their own electricity. It has low maintenance requirements. Cleaning solar panels a few times a year is their only real maintenance requirement. If you’re interested in installing solar panels for your building, then look up solar for your state. For example, look up solar panels in san francisco and see what your options are. 



It has been estimated approximately 20 percent of the air moving in a building's duct system is lost due to holes and leaks. A building could lose a lot of its energy efficiency when tears, holes or another type of leaking is present in the duct system. Business owners can seal these leaks by using foil tape or mastic tape. Duct tape should not be used as it will not last long term. It's important to insulate all the ducts in a home that are accessible. They could be located in a garage, attic, basement, crawlspace and more.


Air Register

A building's energy efficiency can be improved if the connections between vents and registers are properly sealed in locations where they meet in a home’s ceiling, floor, and wall. A  business owner should also move any rugs or furniture from air registers to make certain air flow moves unobstructed. Should a location have radiators, heat-resistant reflectors can be placed between them and a wall. This will help reflect heat back into a room instead of it being absorbed by a wall.


Rim Joist

A very common area of a building where air leaks are near the top of a basement. This is the place  where its wood frame comes in contact with cement blocks. It is a good place to seal with expanding foam or caulk. This is also a good place to seal any type of penetrations from wiring or pipes that go up into the rest of the building. 

The Bottom Line

Having an energy efficient building is a goal for most business owners. There are a number of strategies and products available that can make this happen. Doing it should not require a significant amount of money. Once it is done, a business owner will enjoy energy cost savings for many years. It may also be possible to qualify for tax breaks and more.

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