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Having Trouble With Car Dents? Lookup Reliable Dent Repair Near You for a Brand New Look

Car dents happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your car or how careful you are in driving it, you will still end up with a dent or two, one way or another. Being prepared to deal with dents and knowing where you can get them fixed is important. You can ask Google by typing "where is the nearest dent repair near me?" so the next time a dent happens, you will know exactly what to do.

What Type of Dents Are Present on Your Car

As simple as someone opening their car door to yours is enough to cause a dent in your car. How much more if a careless driver bumps into your car from behind amid a traffic jam? Knowing the type of dent found on your car will help you understand your dent repair options. 

1. Creased Dents - This happens when a vehicle, tree branch, trailer or bike brushes up against the side of your car. These creases tend to be longer and will most likely damage the metal in your car and if left unattended, they can lead to more serious problems in the long run. 

2. Hail Dents - These are dents caused by hail and almost look similar to round dents. You can either opt for Hail Damage Repair or paintless dent repair to have this fixed. You can also contact mobile car dent repair Brisbane experts for assistance.

3. Sharp Dents - If a small object strongly impacts your car, it causes a sharp dent. For instance, a shopping cart or another vehicle's door bumps into your car and causes sharp dents. Sometimes the metal part is stretched outwards leaving a deep scratch. You can search for "mobile scratch and dent repair near me" online to have these dents fixed.

4. Round Dents - These dents are common and it happens when a round object such as a ball or hail hits your car while the car is parked. They tend to appear wide and round and most of the time, they don't cause paint damage. That is why paintless dent repair near me is the best solution to have them fixed. 

5. Extreme Dents - When something big hits your car at a substantially quicker speed, it causes extreme dents. These dents may look irreparable but they can be corrected using conventional tools and professional expertise. To be sure if the damage on your car is still repairable using PDR, lookup "dent repair near me" on Google and you will see tonnes of car body shops near your area.

Can All Dents Be Fixed By A Professional?

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The technician will first assess the area behind the dent then massage out the dent using a Paintless Dent Repair process. The good thing about this procedure is that adding body filler, repainting or disturbing the car's factory paint will not be necessary during the repair process. That is why this is the top solution for most car dents since it is less time-consuming than the traditional way of fixing a dent. 

Whether your car has sustained a scar from the parking lot or a dent from a vehicular accident, there's a good chance that those dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair. As long as the paint is still intact and the dent isn't too complex. 

Key Takeaway

There's a good reason why car dents should be fixed right away. It helps prevent further damage to your vehicles such as paint cracking or bubbling paint due to moisture that found its way into the dent. Searching for "dent repair near me" on Google will help you find a reliable auto body repair shoppe that you can rely on whenever you encounter such problems. You can also check out our blog for other related content.

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