HCM Software: A Refreshing Approach To Human Resources


The global pandemic, COVID-19, has changed the world, leaving no area of our lives untouched by its impact. In just one year the lines between our lives and our work have been blurred, thereby giving rise to a hybrid model of working across the corporate world. It may seem all is still on the surface but a quiet paradigm shift has happened in the way we work and the way we relate to our workplaces. Companies are slowly rising to the need of nurturing and maximizing the potential of their greatest asset – its people. HR functions, on the other hand, have emerged as the frontline in leading efforts to facilitate employees. 


Out of all, one of the most important changes happened lately is the majority of companies going all digital and embracing automation over manual methods. Yes, people are going gaga over technologies such as HRIS and HCM software. In fact, HCM in particular is now considered a refreshing approach to human resources. 


In this blog, we will tell you how HCM software is helping organizations in India. Let’s dive in and find out. 


Simplifies Things For HR Managers  


Gone are the days when HRs were expected to invest a large chunk of time in every routine process. HCM systems now allow them to automate and streamline tedious operations in just a few clicks. Such software needs a bare minimum of human intervention to carry out tasks. This in turn makes things easier for HR professionals, thus giving them time and energy to concentrate on other crucial areas of business. 


Keeps Employees Happy 


As mentioned earlier, firms are paying more attention to their employees like never before. With the lack of effective communication, employees faced a host of challenges while working remotely. But, thanks to HCM software- it helped companies to have a tab on the pulse of their people. Such systems offer automated surveys and polls that gauge the daily mood of each employee. Besides, HCM systems also come with an Employee Self-Service feature that empowers employees to a greater degree. ESS allows employees to do a lot of easy tasks without having to disturb anyone. It even offers chatbots and video-conferencing tools that ensure robust communication in a virtual environment. 


Saves Money For Businesses 


We are in the middle of a crisis and no business wants to spend their money on unwanted expenses. Now, HCM systems are an efficient way to save money. Since they are fully automated, there will never be any risk of human error that usually costs a considerable amount of money to businesses. Besides, companies can also cut down their cost on unnecessary hiring as HCM software will manage most of the human resources processes on its own. 


Makes Communication Smooth 


Communicating and collaborating with one another has been acutely difficult after we went virtual. Every employee misses those water-cooler talks and bumping into each other in the office. Fortunately, HCM software improves communication as well. As mentioned before, it offers chatbots and many other tools/features that in turn make communication easier in a remote setup. Need to mention, the top-notch HCM systems in India even offer mobile applications, which help both HRs and employees to get in touch with each other in just a matter of seconds. 


So, these are the top four reasons why HCM is termed as a refreshing approach to human resources today. 


Let’s face it, HR automation is becoming the key to drive organizational growth in a post-Covid world. In such a scenario, we have no other choice but to rely on the right technologies and get used to them.