Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Health Monitoring Gadgets

More and more gadgets are appearing in our homes. They are for any occasion. However, the most useful device will always be the one that helps you maintain your health and keep fit.

In this article, we will look at 8 health monitoring gadgets. If you are aiming to always be healthy, then let's begin.

Health Monitoring Gadgets

Most Used Health Monitoring Gadgets

Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor is needed by everyone who correctly approaches physical activity. It is important to consider the number of contractions of the heart muscle in jogging, and in the classroom at the gym.

Training in different pulse zones develops different abilities of the body: from endurance to speed. The main problem of heart rate sensors is that they are put on the chest and during long workouts, they begin to interfere and rub.


Smartwatch for Health

There is a large list of uses for a smartwatch. But the most important thing is that you can become an indispensable assistant for your health.

The gadget monitors your activity with an accelerometer and may remind you to warm up. A smart alarm clock will wake up in the right phase of sleep to wake up awake and ready for a new day. Smartwatches allow you to track the quality of sleep to the nearest second.

There are also more advanced features. For example, in Apple Watch there is a function to send your heart rate to other iWatch watches. If you open a message and put two fingers on the monitor, the device will record your heartbeat, which you can send to your loved one. Well, either a doctor or a trainer, if you have any questions about your breathing after jogging.

Brain Sensing Headband

If you are often tormented by a migraine, then you can use a new migraine device - brain sensing headband, which stimulates the nerves of your brain and blocks pain. The FDA recently approved this device for the treatment and prevention of migraines.

It is a miniature electroencephalograph, which records and measures the complex electrical processes occurring in the brain. The developers managed to turn into a miniature gadget bulky, difficult to handle, professional equipment. It is worthy of respect.

Smart Scales

Smart scales is a device that measures physiological parameters and stores data either on the owner’s smartphone or on the server.

This is convenient for the user in that the measurements are stored in one place, and compatibility with various sports programs allows you to synchronize with a dozen third-party sports services, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Runtastic, myFitnesPal, etc.

Depending on the model, type and manufacturer, smart scales calculate a number of important metrics for health. Such devices are equipped with body mass and fat analyzers. Some scales (they are also called diagnostic) are capable of assessing body composition using electrical resistance in the tissues — bioimpedance meter.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Tracking pressure changes is a must for a multitude of diseases. This is recommended for some categories of athletes. Tonometers with Bluetooth support will allow you to collect statistics and analyze in detail the data received.

The dynamics of pressure changes are vital information. Not only for hypertension. Many diseases are somehow related to blood pressure surges.

Previously, you had to keep statistics yourself. Not so long ago, tonometers (devices that measure pressure) learned to memorize the results of past measurements and present them in a more or less accessible form: lists, tables. Now it is the turnoff devices that synchronize data with cloud services and applications for creating convenient reports. These are the devices we consider.

Fitness Tracker

Sport and physical activity are the most beneficial to health. Fitness trackers help us improve our physical fitness.

Gadgets can take into account the activity of the owner during running, swimming, cycling and other sports. Such gadgets are either significantly cheaper than smartwatches, as they do not have smart applications. However, for the analysis of your workouts, fitness tracker fits perfectly.

Portable Gluten Tester

A portable gluten tester has only one function - detecting the presence of gluten in any product. The fact is that a relatively large number of people on the planet have an allergy to gluten (celiac). These are special proteins that are found primarily in the seeds of cereals.

It is undesirable for a person with celiac disease to eat food with even a minimum gluten content. And if everything is simple with regard to any baking, then it is hardly possible to remember all products with the content of these proteins.

Compact Air Pollution Monitor

The human body is very sensitive to the quality of the airflow. Any deviations from the norm inevitably affect the state of health, significantly worsening it. Without special devices, it is impossible to determine what exactly is wrong with the air.

Compact air pollution monitor does not only analyze air quality but also simultaneously measures its temperature and humidity. All data can be obtained in real-time - the gadget takes measurements at intervals of 10 seconds.

If you use the device autonomously, all you can see is the color of the LED indicator: blue means “good air”, yellow - “doubtful” and red - “plug your nose”. As it is not difficult to guess, the analysis is activated after pressing a single button on the device case.

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