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Health Protocols to Expect When Going to Arcade Centers with Your Family

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If you are looking for a family entertainment place or tempat hiburan keluarga where you could all relax and unwind, consider going to an arcade center. Arcade centers have many fun games and activities that kids of all ages would surely enjoy. They also allow adults to turn back time and tap into their inner child, a side of their parents that the kids would sure appreciate seeing.

However, before you head out with your family to the nearest open arcade, there are some things you must consider to ensure your safety against the COVID-19 virus. Below are the health measures you and your family must observe to have a fun but safe day at the arcade.

Wear Your Mark at All Times

Arcade centers were reopened to boost the economy and spread the fun, not the virus. With this, you and your family must wear masks at all times inside the arcade center. This will help prevent the spread of the infection as the virus is primarily spread through the aerosol released during sneezing, talking, or even breathing.

Register at the Entrance

Business establishments were allowed to reopen but health protocols were required. This includes putting up measures that will make contact tracing easier if needed. What does this mean when you go to the tempat hiburan keluarga? As you enter the arcade, you and your family will be asked to register and provide key information using the SafeEntry app.

Get Your Temperature Checked

Aside from registering at the entrance, someone will be taking all your body temperatures. Anyone who gets a reading higher than 37.5⁰C will not be allowed inside. This is done to help protect all the guests of the arcade center. It is better to take temperature readings at home to avoid a waster trip and ensure your safety.

Expect a Limit on Number of Guests

To help reinforce social distancing, business establishments are required to limit the number of guests allowed. The same is true for tempat hiburan keluarga like arcade centers. To ensure that you and your family could get in, try calling ahead and asking the establishment.

Keep Your Distance

Once inside the arcade center, keep a safe distance from other guests at all times. One meter distance is considered safe enough for the COVID-19 virus to drop harmlessly once expelled from the mouth. And with other safety measures such as wearing masks, you can rest assured that you and your family are safe. 

Clean Your Hands Before Handling the Arcade Machines

Alcohol is capable of breaking the molecular bonds on the surface that encases a virus. This is why alcohol and alcohol-based sanitizers are effective against COVID-19. Make sure each of your family members has an alcohol sanitizer and apply it to your hands before using the arcade machines. You should also disinfect your hands after using a machine. While playing avoid touching your face, especially around the mouth, nose, and eyes. The membranes around these parts of the face are susceptible to infection and are considered as entry points for the virus.

Observe Coughing and Sneezing Etiquettes

If you feel the urge to sneeze or cough, try to move away from other people first, then cover your mouth with a tissue. Once you are done, dispose of the tissue properly and sanitize your hands with alcohol or wash them with soap and water.

Have Safe, Clean Fun!

Remember all the health protocols so you and your family can have fun safely.     

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