Heart touching quotes show magic feelings


Best friends deserve little more than other friends as they give us much more than all other relations and friends. These heart touching quotes understand the need of expressing love and care to the special friend and they will help you in doing so in the most remarkable manner.

Heart touching love quotes

The sensuality of females and their tenderness and care with which they withhold the relations are beyond the limits. These heart touching images are a tribute to those efforts and attempts she always does. Expressing the love to her on her birthday is the least we can do for her.

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The heart touching status shows the value in your life.

I have a sister who shades me from the scorching heat and shelters me from the cold wind.


No companion is as great as a sister who listens and tells you stories.

I fear nothing more than parting from a sister who loved me like a mother.

You are the one I want to come back after spending the whole day and share with you all the details.

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Heart touching quotes will make you feel special for others.


You know all my secrets except one that you are the one whom I love the most, and I never want to part from you.

I do not fear long lonely nights as you never give a chance to me to spend them alone.

I never made any of the best friends God gave me one even before I was born.

Nothing fears my brother more than the news that his sister is unwell.

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Heart touching quotes for a brother to strengthen the efforts he makes for you.


All I have is a brother my world, my companion, my confidant.

A person who worries for me like my parents is my brother.

One man who never let me realize my age and always listens to me like a cute little girl is my brother.

We two brothers are a silent storm which destroys everything that comes in the way of our family.

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Heart touching images reflect your feelings in words.


The two pillars which form the base of our family are my two brothers.

The knowledge you fill your students with have no boundaries and dimensions. It is vast like sky having no beginning and no end.

You shared my strengths with everyone, but you disclosed my weaknesses only to me.

You were the one who lit up the torch and guided me through the darkness.

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Heart touching quotes for teachers to help you pay respect to their lifelong efforts.


You may not remember me, but I can never forget the person who gave me the treasure of knowledge.

You did not make life easy for me, but you taught me the skills to do so.

I can never forget the day when my lovely wife entered my life and turned into the garden of roses.

The day is an opportunity to show the respect I have for your efforts to keep my life full of happiness.

Final Thoughts:

These heart touching quotes give you the opportunity to do the same for her on the special occasion of her birthday. These heart touching quotes from your side will fill in her heart with love, and she will understand the unexpressed love care, respect you have for her although you could not express it before this day and these heart touching quotes.

The heart touching quotes are unique and special in their formation as your friend. They are the creations specifically for female friends as they relate to all the efforts and attempts she makes in your life to make it beautiful and lovely to live and enjoy.