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HEDGESPOTS – My 60 Days Experience Did Hedgespots Pass the Hoffman Test?

Dear traders and colleagues,
This is my personal review of Hedgespots and my 60 Days experience with the company, based in the UK. Their platform offers CFD & Forex trading with leverage, margin and other features.


My name is Manuel Hoffman.For the past 14 years I’m an active trader and tester for various platforms recommended by my colleagues.
I’ll do my best to provide you with a clear picture of the average trader’s experience on Hedgespots. In every platform I test, I always go for the upgraded level, in order receive the full service available and so to do justice with both the platform and the readers.

My experience with Hedgespots begins with a friend’s invitation.
The website seemed well designed and easy to navigate. I opened an account and requested a call, as I always do. The welcome service was pleasant with relevant info. I started my account with 500$. I was told the expertise of Hedgespotscomes from the quality of its account managers who revealed to be not only of great service, but also deeply knowledgeable about the financial markets. Was it true? Let’s see.
I received a call from Mr. Arthur Becker, my personal account manager.
The introduction to the platform was fast and easy. We started with stock trading since it was Earning Season at the time. The signals were correct, so I decided to schedule a full trading session. Arthur then had to re-schedule it, which had me a bit concerned, but eventually we got started.

In the full session we explored signals of Bitcoin and Brent Oil, which had major changes at the time (August ’19). I was impressed with Arthur’s quick responses and trading skills – even a ‘veteran’ like me had a few lessons learned.
Our positions closed within several days, with a satisfying growth of 15% in my balance. Now, I decided to test the deposit and withdrawal systems.
I verified my account with the relevant documents and opened a withdrawal.
I had to wait 24 hours before my account was verified – a bit long (but already a standard in the trading sphere).
My initial 500$ were deposited with a Visa credit card. I opened a request of 100$. A lady from finance called to announce it’d take up to 48 hours, though it successfully arrived on the same day. Later, I tested the Bitcoin deposit, and funded my account with 100$ through my Bitcoin wallet. I had to notify Arthur for it to be updated, but the process took only 15 minutes.

After a short time off, I decided to inquire about the packages Hedgespots has to offer. Stock market has always been my preference and therefore I took the final Earning Season package – 2.000$ diversified over 10 options, mostly AAA companies. I received a contract with a trading plan, the risk was moderate and allowed reasonable SL/TP limits.
My account balance at this point was 2.800$.

The package was truly worth the investment and professionally managed by Hedgespots. I received daily reports to my e-mail and weekly sessions with Arthur. Our trading sessions were very engaging and with great progress. Winning rate stayed on top. An exceptional situation was when I received a call from the Hedgespots’ analyst regarding a losing trade which he helped me correct in time. That was really a surprising kind of act in the trading sphere.
The last session was finished with a Webinar, in which I was educated by the senior trader about the stock market situation. It was very thorough and fascinating. After several trading sessions, the package results were shockingly positive. On a 2.000$ investment, my net profit scored 480$ (24%).
Out of many trading portfolios I’ve built in dozens of companies, I rate this result 9/10, as I averagely make 8% profit on those type of trades. (Despite the excellent result, I worked with them only 60 days therefore it’s not 10/10).

Arthur, my account manager, helped me with distribution of the profits. I could receive them both to my Bitcoin wallet & Visa card.
Arthur also offered me to use the direct banking option, to be able to both deposit and withdraw using my online banking.
A negative issue I’d like to note here is about when I tried to validate my withdrawal, I couldn’t reach them after 6 PM (UK) but the support got back with me later on. It’s better to reach them during the work day.
I am now planning to focus on Bitcoin trading due to the high volatility in this market. I am confident that Hedgespotscan deliver service and results with anoptimal quality. I will surely keep track of this cryptocurrency trading platform and reveal to you my future results here. My goal right now is the Fortune account, which may take me several months to achieve. I hope to write about it soon enough. I believe my more veteran readers are eager to find out the potential there. In conclusion, Hedgespots is indeed what a trader in 2019-2020’s financial market is looking for, especially if you’re into engaging sessions with brokers who listen, educate, and work around the clock to deliver results in a very competitive market. Honestly, I could’ve made such profits elsewhere, but their approach and interaction managed to captivate me. To my knowledge, the founders are originating from the early age of digital trading, and I personally prefer to be ‘in good hands’ of experts who have seen it all, and know how to handle many situations into success. My connection with the account manager was good, so perhaps I’m a little biased, so I’d love to hear about your experience with other managers.

Does Hedgespots Pass the Hoffman Test?

Total Investment: 2500$
Net profit:575$ - [23.2%] - 60 days

Leverage: Depends on account level, mine was 1:20.
On Bitcoin, leverage is up to 1:5 (until platinum level)
Services: Account manager, Financial Plan, Webinars, Analyst service.

Profit: 9/10
Finance: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Education: 8/10
Website: 8/10

Final Score: 8.4/10

In terms of results, Hedgespots keep their side of the deal by providing quality trade service with fast financial processing in both deposits and withdrawals. The employees are friendly and highly attentive. My only cons are the fact it’s not easy to reach service after 6PM (UK), and that their website doesn’t have all the features you’d find on other platforms, such as MT4 integration which is important to me (those who follow me know so).However, Hedgespots is definitely worth a trader’s time and attention. We should follow this platform in 2020, as I’m told they’re expanding into new regions and markets.


Hedgespots has successfully PASSED the Hoffman test.
If you’re trying this platform because of my review, or already trading there, feel free to send me an e-mail about your experience and views about them. I’m always looking for information about new platforms to test and bring to my audience, if you have something worth checking – I’m waiting for your message!

Email: [email protected]

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