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Help Your Business Adapt to the Changing Times Through COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is an issue that a lot of businesses in Melbourne, Sydney and other areas are facing these days due to the ongoing problem of Covid 19. Airlines, shops, hotels and restaurants all aim to assure their clients that their premises are clean and virus-free. According to a virologist from the Netherlands, Dr Byron Martina from Artemis One Health Research Foundation, the virus is here to stay and the longer it stays in the population, the less aggressive it will be. But it will take a few more years for it to be less virulent. That is why hiring expert covid-19 cleaning services is your key to ensuring that your workplace is protected against this deadly virus. 

How Do Professional Cleaners Disinfect Surfaces?

The act of cleaning refers to the removal of dirt or particles visible to the naked eye. However, some cleaning products are also used to disinfect surfaces. Today, cleaning and disinfecting areas with high traffic are more crucial than before. 

Cleaning is recommended daily

Cleaning should be done daily and when someone is sick. Since the virus causing COVID-19 lands on surfaces, people touching those surfaces are at risk of getting infected if they touch the surface and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes. If you want to use products that do not contain toxic chemicals, find eco cleaning services in your area for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly surface cleaning.

Use hand sanitiser or wash hands frequently

As per the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), regular use of hand sanitiser or handwashing is one way of preventing the spread of the virus. But cleaning and disinfecting your facility is also a great way of reducing the risk of infection. If you are running a business, be sure to hire covid-19 cleaning services that already have a track record in following standard practices and regulations specific to your work area.

Cleaning using the right products

Products that contain soap or detergent help reduce germs on surfaces but the right disinfectants kill any germs on the surface. This helps reduce the spread of infection. But for high traffic areas, be sure to clean more frequently or disinfect in addition to cleaning, especially in shared spaces. Frequent cleaning is recommended for:

  • communities with high transmission of COVID-19
  • areas with a low vaccination rate 
  • areas occupied with people who are at risk for severe COVID-19 infection
  • areas with infrequent use of masks and hand hygiene

If you are in Melbourne, it is best to tap COVID 19 cleaning Melbourne service to ensure that your workplace remains virus-free.

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How Office Cleaners Adapt To Prevent COVID-19

Cleaning company Sydney crew are required to wear full personal protective equipment when they service an office building, a manufacturing plant, health care facility or any site where COVID-19 is suspected. Below are simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

1. Workplaces should be clean and hygienic. This means surfaces such as the desks and tables including telephones and keyboards need to be regularly wiped with disinfectant. This is because contamination on surfaces that your workers and clients touch are the primary means for Covid-19 to spread. 

2. Remind workers on the importance of regular and thorough handwashing. Putting sanitiser dispensers in prominent places inside your workplace is highly recommended. Ensure that these dispensers are refilled regularly. Displaying posters that promote handwashing is also ideal. Use posters from your local public health authority. Your occupational health and safety officers should also provide guidance, meetings, briefing and share information within your network on the importance of handwashing. 

3. Be an advocate of proper respiratory hygiene in the workplace. You can do this by displaying posters that promote respiratory hygiene and mix it with informational materials from your occupational health and safety officers. Adding some info from trusted online sources is also a good idea. Provide face masks and paper tissues in your workplaces for those who may have a cough or colds while at work and provide them with closed bins for hygienic waste disposal to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

The Bottomline

This recent pandemic has changed the way people perceive cleaning. If you are unfamiliar with cleaning and disinfecting standards, it is best to hire covid-19 cleaning services that have trained personnel. Add wash areas that are accessible to your staff, contractors or clients to assure them that you are serious about fighting this deadly virus. Hire experts who have the experience and know what exactly they are doing to prevent spreading the virus on high-traffic surfaces. If you are looking for more related content, connect with us on our blog today.

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