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Helpful Tips to Handle Emergency Dental Issues at Home

Helpful Tips to Handle Emergency Dental Issues

You never know when a dental emergency is going to hit you or anyone in your family. You could be dining in a fine restaurant, all on a sudden there is a little sound of crack and you shoot up in pain resulting from a broken tooth. Children are more prone to broken teeth resulting from sports and games activities. So, a guideline about what you should in cases of dental emergencies is helpful. Read on to know what you should do during such circumstances.

The most important thing to remember while handling common crisis situations related to oral health is do not panic. Reputed dentists in London say panic and fear often stop the common folks from doing the right things in such situations.

In case of a broken tooth

  • Rinse the portion of the mouth gently with lukewarm water.
  • Cover the place with a sterile gauge.
  • Rush to an emergency dentist for further treatment.
  • To reduce the swelling, you can apply cold compress to the face

When the tooth is knocked out of place

  • First, locate the displaced tooth.
  • If you cannot find it anywhere, look into the mouth as it may be pushed into the gums.
  • Put the tooth into your mouth under the tongue or drop it in a cup of milk.
  • The point is to keep the tooth moist.
  • Seek the professional help from a dental expert.

For cracked tooth

  • Rinse the area around the affected tooth with lukewarm water.
  • Keep applying cold compress to the face to minimize swelling.
  • Do not forget to see a dentist on priority basis.

To combat severe toothache

  • There can be varieties of reasons behind the unbearable pain. These include formation of cavities, a bacterial or fungal infection, an exposed tooth root, a cracked tooth, a loose filling and many more.
  • As a normal approach, floss the region of the mouth to ensure nothing is suspended between your teeth.
  • Rinse the mouth with lukewarm water, it often provides relief.
  • You can even use hot compress to reduce the pain.
  • Most people in such condition apply aspirin on the gum to get relief from the pain and discomfort. This is a bad practice, because aspirin burns the tissues present there.
  • In case of experiencing severe pain and swelling, you just need to visit an emergency dental expert.

The methods mentioned here are meant to provide a temporary, stopgap solution. These approaches are never meant to replace the thorough and methodical checkup that only a qualified dentist can provide. Colchester dentist suggests people to keep a first aid box for dental emergencies in their homes. This box may include items like:

  • Dental floss
  • Soft dental wax (it is also known as orthodontic wax in the market)
  • Pellets made from soft cotton
  • Temporary filling material (better known as tempanol or cavit)
  • Clove oil or eugenol and
  • Small dental tweezers

Dental emergencies are something that should not be ignored under any circumstances. Oral health complication may lead to severe issues affecting our overall physical well-being. Regular visit to dental clinics can help to stay away from severe complications.



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