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Helpful Tips to Automate Your Small Business

For many modern small businesses, automation is a priority. This makes sense because automation provides a huge competitive advantage to business owners in every sector. It is especially true for those who have a heavy workload.

It has been estimated that approximately 25% of a CEO's time is being spent on tasks that a machine can do. This doesn't even account for the tedious and repetitive tasks that staff members do each day.

If you are ready to see all the benefits of automation in your business, but are unsure how to get started, keep reading for some tips. From engaging in lead management automation to automate tedious tasks, there are more than a few ways you can bring your business into the future.

Find All Repetitive Tasks in Your Business and Workflow

If you want to find areas where automation would be helpful, you need to search for routine, manual processes taking up a lot of your time and resources. The more often the task is performed, the more you have to gain when you finally automate it.

Start Out Small

If you try to implement automation for large tasks right away, chances are you will face quite a few challenges. This is why a better strategy is to start with something small. Choose a predictable task to automate. Once you get this smaller automation process right, you can begin automating entire processes that are considered business-critical.

Know the Process Well

Before you try to automate anything, you must understand all parts of the process that is being done. When you fully understand something, you will find it is easy to break the work down into much smaller steps. These smaller steps will be easier for you to program and optimize in the future.

Acquire the Right Tools

You will find countless free tools online that will help you program virtually anything from your marketing strategies to your data entry work. It is even possible to code a tool that is custom to your business. Even though this is something that will cost you a bit more in the beginning, in most cases, the investment you make will more than pay for itself in the future. If you do not have any capital to invest in this yet, you may want to consider financing options, such as a business line of credit.

Find Software with Bigger Capabilities

If you have not done this yet, it will be beneficial to start using the cloud. Services like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure provide more than a few benefits. This includes regular updates, tools for automation, and the ability to grow your business as you scale and become larger.

Focus on What You Do Best

It is not a good idea to automate tasks related to your business's core competencies. Instead, focus on the tasks that are necessary but not mission-critical. By doing this, you can dedicate your time and your staff's time to handling work that will provide more profits. You will also find that this gives you more time to focus on how your business can continue to grow and thrive in your particular market.

Invest in Lead Generation Optimization

Today, you no longer have to gather and manage leads using sticky notes and endless cold calls. If you want to ensure your business remains competitive today, you can utilize cloud-based software solutions. These tools can help you generate leads. Not only that, but they can be used for nurturing leads, as well.

Send the Right Emails 

Do you want to maximize the results achieved with your email marketing campaign? If so, consider automating your emails with an online tool. Doing this can help you increase overall customer engagement and will ensure that your emails are scheduled to be delivered at precisely the right time. You can even create personalized content and engage in invaluable A/B testing to see what works and what does not.

Ensure Collaboration Is Seamless

Regardless of how big or small your business is, it is not uncommon for essential information to get lost along the way when teams are working with each other. Now is the time to consider using one of the many collaboration platforms available, such as Slack. These help to make it easy to acquire, collect, and share knowledge in a single location. You can also automate workflows and access all types of add-on tools.

Now Is the Time to Use Automation To Its Full Potential 


As you can see from the above information, now is a great time to embrace automation. It has a lot to offer and can be extremely beneficial for any business. Knowing what to expect and how to use automation in your own business is essential, and the tips and information above should help you do just that.

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