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Helpful Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales

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It doesn’t matter if you have had an eCommerce business for a while, or if you just got started, getting more sales is something every business strives for. Unfortunately, all businesses go through declines and plateaus. While these things happen, it doesn’t mean they should discourage you.


There are several steps you can take to start boosting your eCommerce sales. From implementing new technology, such as delivery routing software to getting to know more about your customers, the options are vast. Keep reading for some helpful ideas.


Target Your Current Customers

If your business is having trouble growing, you may think it is because you do not have enough customers. Try not to jump to conclusions, since this is rarely the case.


Rather than focusing all your time on new customer acquisition, work on improving your business’s customer retention tactics. The fact is, compared to one-time customers and new customers, loyal (or repeat) customers are going to put more items in their carts, are more likely to convert, and will help your business generate more revenue each time they visit the site.


While new customers are great, this is a more expensive marketing effort. It is more affordable to go after current customers. That’s because these people are already familiar with your brand and what you offer. They know how your products work, and there is not a learning curve. Now is the time to find ways to improve their experience. This may be by offering a loyalty program or incentive.


Display Icons That Prove Your Site is Trustworthy

No one is going to shop on your site if it appears to be untrustworthy or sketchy. One of the first things that you need to do is to ensure your website is completely secure. Today, cybersecurity is a top concern for most online shoppers.


In just the past few years, up to 46% of Americans have been a victim of credit card fraud. Information security is a top priority for online shippers. As a business owner, you must recognize this and make the needed adjustments.


The best way to show your site is trustworthy is by displaying security badges on your website. However, don’t lie about security. If you have not invested in legitimate security options, don’t try to make it look like you have. Honest and transparency is key if you want to keep your customers coming back – you may also find legal consequences if you do this.


Use Video Demonstrations 

People love videos. More than half of all marketing experts around the world have stated that video has the biggest return on investment when compared to other marketing efforts. If you use video on your website, you can encourage users to spend up to 88% more time on your pages. Also, videos do well as ads. With the right video, you can increase engagement and interest in what you are attempting to sell.


Videos will also resonate with more people than text. This means they are more likely to view it and remember what they watched rather than just reading about it. There are a few ways you can include videos on your eCommerce site. For example, you could create product demonstration videos. Show your customers how your product will benefit them in their normal lives.


Just listing and writing out this information is fine, but when you actually show it in action, it’s even better. Take some time to create these product demonstration videos, and there is a good chance your sales will go up.


Use Photos with Your Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews help you show off what people like about what you offer. However, messages from faceless and nameless individuals are not that convincing. Take these testimonials a bit further by adding a photo and putting down the person’s entire name and their title (if this is relevant).


When you include a picture of someone’s face, it shows they are a real person, not just someone that was made up. If you think about it, a review with a picture will look much more professional, too.


Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

Many people who are shopping online today do so from their mobile devices. This means your site must be mobile-friendly. Add this to the fact that Google is now punishing sites that are not mobile-friendly; it is clear you need to make this investment.


Do you want to make your eCommerce site more successful and get more sales? If so, be sure to use the tips and information found here.

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