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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Installing a New Epoxy Floor

There’s no question that an epoxy floor offers several benefits. However, before applying the epoxy coating to the existing floor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some tips to help with this process can be found here.

Choose the Right Epoxy

There are different options to choose from when it comes to epoxy. The first option is 100% solid epoxy. This is the purest form of  available and will harden quickly. Another option is solvent-based, which is made of a 40 to 60% solid mixture that is mixed with chemical solvents. This type of epoxy can produce fumes and odors, which means it is essential to wear the proper safety gear to ensure no negative health issues occur.

The last option is a water-based epoxy. It is designed with 40 to 60% solids that have been combined with water. This is the safest epoxy option available and a common choice for use in residential properties.

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Use the Right Safety Gear

When selecting the right epoxy product, it is necessary to wear the right protective gear. Make sure to keep pets away from the area where the epoxy is being applied and ensure proper ventilation in the space. In addition, follow the instructions provided on the bottle carefully.

Prep the Floor Before Application

Don’t ignore this tip. More preparation is needed than just hosing the floor down. Be sure to scrape off any debris that is present and ensure there is no part of the surface that goes uncleaned. If proper preparation is not provided, it can impact the way the epoxy works.

Follow the Application Instructions

Now is not the time to try being creative. It is important to read and understand the instructions before applying the material. If there is excess epoxy after the application process, make sure to scrape it up. If someone is unsure how to properly apply this material, consider hiring professionals.

Regularly Maintain the Floor

After the work is done, it is still necessary to maintain the new epoxy surface. This can be done by mixing half ammonia and half water when it is time to clean the surface. Keep in mind that one of the biggest benefits of epoxy is the easy maintenance it offers. This floor coating does not have cracks or seams, which ensures no germs or bacteria accumulate.

Never Use Harsh Cleaning Chemicals on Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy flooring is designed to be resistant if chemicals are spilled, it does have limits. It is best to avoid intentionally using harsh cleaners. This is especially important if the cleaners are used more than once. By avoiding these issues, it is possible to ensure the coating remains intact and no issues occur.

Get in Touch with the Professionals

When someone decides they want to install an epoxy floor in their home or building, it is a good idea to make sure the right process is used. While epoxy is easy to install, if you don't not have experience with this type of work, issues can arise. Hiring the professionals to handle the installation of an epoxy floor will pay off in the long run and help ensure the desired results are achieved. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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