Helpful Tips to Make the Most of LinkedIn for Your Business


Do you want to add LinkedIn to your business’s marketing strategy? If so, you may need some help to find success. When used properly, LinkedIn can help to connect your brand with more than 500 million users. If you are able to tap into these connections, you can grow your brand, build awareness, and earn word of mouth credibility.

While marketing relies on the use of technology and knowing the difference in ips vs ids, sometimes it is the simple tips that make all the difference. Keep reading to learn more about these simple tips.

Create a Compelling Company Page on LinkedIn

The Company Page is the LinkedIn profile for your business. This is like how your Facebook Business Page, is the personal Facebook account for your business. The company page has the purpose of telling other possible connections about what you offer, the people who are working for you, and allows you to engage visitors with engaging and actionable content.

Your LinkedIn company page is also an effective way to establish your experience in the industry. Your company logo is going to take the place of your profile picture on the other social networks. When you choose a cover photo, you need to choose something that will embody the feel and the look of your business.


Pro Tip: When you create a personal profile, you will get more views with a profile picture. This applies to your LinkedIn business page, too.

The next step is to add your company description. You have a limit of 2000 characters. In this description you should let your audience know what your business does and how you can solve any pain points they may face. In the initial 150 characters, it is particularly crucial that you include any relevant keywords, as this is what is going to show up in the Google preview (or another search engine preview) for the company page.

Beneath the description, add several keywords that show off your business’s specialties. These will help people locate your business so make sure you don’t overlook or skip it.

Encourage Your Employee’s to Connect with the LinkedIn Page for the Company

According to information provided by LinkedIn, your workers will have 10 times the first-degree connections than your company has in followers. The biggest advocates for your company are your employees. By ensuring they follow the business age, you also have the ability to tap into their huge network of connections.

Pro Tip: When your workers add their position at the business to their LinkedIn profile, your business page will then be linked to their personal profiles. This means that even more profiles are going to show up on your company page. With this association, your page has even more opportunities to show up and bee seen by others.

Determine Your Goals and Your Audience

Just like with any marketing venture, figuring out what your goals are is a good place to start. Do you want to establish your business as a thought leader? Are you trying to recruit new candidates? Do you want to generate new leads that your workers can follow up with?

It doesn’t matter if you want to tackle just one or all of these things, the goals will help you determine your success and allow you to figure out if your efforts are effective.

Pro Tip: If you have not yet created a customer avatar, this is the best opportunity to do this. When you know who your audience is, you can customize the messages to fit them, instead of trying to customize your business audience to fit the message.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page for Search Results

The LinkedIn company page is created to be SEO friendly. This means it is essential that you optimize the page to help increase overall visibility through searches that are conducted off or on LinkedIn. One way to do this is by adding keywords. If you did not add these yet, you need to. Put relevant keywords in your company profile section.

The keywords can be anything from certain words to specific phrases. Be sure to research the keywords that you should use before choosing them.

It is also necessary to link the LinkedIn company page from your email newsletters, social media posts, blog, and website. This is an essential step to helping boost your rank in search and to drive more traffic to your newly created LinkedIn page.

One of the most effective ways that you can improve your social media rankings is by sharing content on a regular basis. The more often that you share this content, the higher that your company page is going to appear in the search results.

Pro Tip: When you achieve more followers for your LinkedIn page, you can reach more and more people. This is going to help to improve overall awareness and your brand visibility. This is also going to influence how fast you will show up in the searches.

Create and Publish Engaging and Actionable Content

The best way for you to grow your following and to keep them interested is by publishing content that your audience will find interesting. You must also publish this content regularly, too. You should create content that will answer questions and that will help your audience better perform their jobs or address the pain points that they have.

LinknedIn has recommended that you post something new at least one time per week.

Most of the people who use LinkedIn are considered news-junkies. What this means is that they thrive on the new updates and groundbreaking news. Be sure that you are posting this often to achieve the desired results.

Are Your LinkedIn Efforts Up to Par?


If you have not optimized your LinkedIn page for business, now is the time to ensure that you take the right steps to achieve the best results. Being informed and taking the right steps will pay off and minimize issues. If necessary, seek help from the pros to achieve the desired results.

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