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Her Triplet Alphas: A HaremHer The Romance with Interesting Twists and Thrills

Do you love fantasy novels loaded with steamy romance?  Give a read to Her Triplet Alpha. The book revolves around three young, handsome men falling for a simple ordinary girl and vying with each other for her favour.

Though interesting, such a plot is not new – neither in books nor on screen. However, the way the story is being told is what makes the book engaging for readers.

Part I: Characters’ Background

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Chasity is the name of the only female lead in the book. The intriguing character looks like a goldilocks and comes from a lowly background. Her addicted parents have left her to work in a pack. No one likes the poor girl. She receives bullies every now and then and most of these come from three popular alpha males who later discovers the girl as their mate.

Calix, Felix and Alex: Three Alphas

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Though Chasity was bullied by all three, she is least scared of Calix whereas Felix is the most rude and rough of them. You will get to know in the next chapters about how Alex happens to be a man. But all three males lead are strong, bossy, dominating and trolls.

In the first chapters, you will feel angry with these men for their rudeness and bullying the hapless girl. There is nothing in them to like. In fact, you may dislike them and even hate these rowdy boys.

But with turns of the events, these men find out the girl as their mate, which add drama to the story. A change sets in and the book promises to discover the other side of their character.

Calix, Felix and Alex are portrayed as typical alpha werewolves that we come to read often in romance novels. The narrative is taut and unfolds the layers of their characters while keeping you engaged with the art of character development.

Part 2: The Main Story

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‘Her Triplet Alphas’ is a werewolf romance. The harem fantasy narrates a story of a poor girl delicately crafted with “cinderella-type innocence”. However, unlike Cinderella, Chasity is fat. She is always busy with her house chores, which leave her with little time to fix her look. Besides working in the pack, the triple Alphas make life difficult for the young girl.

She never hears good things about her from three males. It seems that bullying the poor girl is their favourite pastime. Besides being called fat and poor, she is also named “Charity”, referring to her lowly condition. For these reasons, she never thinks about finding a mate.

Part 3: Twists in Story

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Chasity has a low perception about male werewolf mates and reasonably so. She is only engrossed in and also tired of mundaneness in her life. However, these alpha guys want to meet her. The boys had been waiting long for their mates, only to come for a shock after discovering that Chasity was that mate.

At this turn, readers feel curious to know if the triplet alphas will change their attitude and if yes, whether Chasity would accept and reject them. It excites readers to turn on the next pages. Since it is a harem romance, we know for sure that all three boys would go crazy for Chasity. Now the table is turned.

Harem elements in romance novels have a natural charm to readers who love such stories. One possible explanation could be that the concept matches our inner fantasy of being madly loved by others, of being the attention and attraction for the crazies.

This novel appeals to and appeases our fantasy. Besides, the novel is thrilling in a unique way that shows a girl being pursued by three handsome guys who used to bully her before. The novel has taken the concept of harem romance to an interesting high.

Portrayal of Chasity’s character has added to the charm and thrill of Her Triplet Alphas. Imagine a situation where a poor, fat she-wolf constantly bullied by her three alphas became the apple of their eyes. A transformation that is hard to believe happens only after they get to know that the girl was actually their mates.

Part 4: So Cute!

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Three Alphas now know about Chasity and fears that the girl would reject them because they were mean to her.

Three guys adopt different attitudes to deal with different situations. If one feels hopeless and worried, another places his faith in mate bond’s pull. The third one shows eagerness to make the girl surrender to them.

Chasity also thinks the same way about the triplets, thinking that the boy would reject her. To Chasity, it is their attitude that concerns her most. She fears of being meted out ill treatment and ordered around all the time.

The Worst Memory

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Chapter 21 is focused on Chasity and Calix’s moment. That Calix is sweet to Chasity and her concerns about her does not go unnoticed. The pool scene is intense and interesting.

Revelations make this chapter of the novel most interesting. People get a sneak-peak into Chasity’ past, reasons for Luna’s hatred towards her and the triple alphas’ connection to her parent’s past.

Part 4: Goodnight

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Things change at a quick pace for Chasity. We got familiar with these changes in previous chapters but we will witness a drastic change in her life due to the ‘mate’ thing. Now she is like a princess in their eyes and the mates fulfil her wish even before she gets a comfortable bedroom.

She is new to these positive changes in her mates. To the surprise of Chasity and readers, chapter 6 peels the layers off the three alphas’ character to expose their sweet, romantic side.  

Highly Recommended

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Her Triplet Alphas is a novel for 18+ readers. The werewolf romance is a kind of fantasy genre and appeals to a group of romance fans. The plots, unravelling of mysteries, characterization and thrill build-up have all been done in a meticulously delicate way to touch the chords of readers’ heart.

The author deserves kudos for integrating so many elements in the book, while weaving a strong thread to connect them together in the most natural way. Facile language makes it easy and pleasant reading, I would recommend the book for all romance lovers. It is worth your time.

Summary: Heard about Her Triplet Alphas? A fantasy novel loaded with a strong feel of harem romance. The novel is a good read for romance lovers. 

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