Here are Some of the Best Mattresses that Won't Hurt Your Back


Scientific study has demonstrated the relevance of sleep in the correct functioning of the human body. The quantity and quality of sleep can have a significant impact on a person's mood. People who sleep less than seven to eight hours per night are more likely to have attention problems. The environment is crucial for achieving a good night's sleep. This includes a well-ventilated room as well as a warm and inviting bed. 


Mattresses are without a doubt the most significant aspect in ensuring a good night's sleep. This article examines some of the best bed mattresses that are available in the market which are good for your back. It also discusses the durfi mattress price.


Back pain is very common amongst individuals of all ages. Several factors cause back pain but the most important amongst them is choosing the wrong mattress. Sleeping on the wrong mattress makes back pain worse and has to be avoided. Research has shown that the ideal mattress for alleviating back pain should be medium-firm rather than being softer or firmer.

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It would be good to concentrate on the level of firmness of the mattress while you are searching for the best mattress to alleviate back pain. The mattress must provide adequate support for the spine alignment. Although it may look very technical, researchers at leading mattress companies have come out with excellent mattresses combining all these qualities. 


When you are suffering from back pain you will find it difficult to fall asleep. It is also seen that with back pain you are uncomfortable and unable to attain a comfortable sleeping position. This leads to a lot of turning and tossing. Sometimes a combination of a mattress with an adjustable bed may help. Back pain affects your sleep quality badly and hence you have to get a solution at the earliest. Selecting the best mattress suited for you is the best solution. 


While selecting the best mattress for your back certain crucial factors should be kept in mind. Support, firmness, mattress type, and material are important considerations for bed mattresses for the back.


It is seen that although mattresses are made of different materials both natural, certain materials are better suited for enhanced protection of the back. Memory foam and latex are crucial ingredients for bed mattresses for the back.


Some of the best mattresses for the back are given below


The WinkBed which is a hybrid mattress provides enhanced support for your back. It comprises soft memory foam gels for maximum comfort along with adequate support for the back. The new model GravityLux comes with additional luxury features. This is ideal for combination sleepers.


Helix Midnight is one of the best choices for side sleepers. This comprises both coils and foam and is very comfortable.


Satvaa Classic is a mattress specially designed for the back and has a well-researched innerspring which enhances comfort and support. 


The Nectar Mattress is highly rated for its back support and is the choice of many. The company provides even a year-long sleep trial.


The Durfy Mattresses are best suited for Indian conditions and come in a variety of models. Durfy mattress prices range from 7000 to 10000. Durfy mattresses are characterized by the use of cotton candy memory foam which is vital in providing maximum comfort. 


Durfy mattresses are designed based on recommendations by orthopedic surgeons to specifically cater to Indian customers. The hyperventilated material provides maximum comfort all through the day. The fabric is treated antimicrobial and hence clean and fresh. These features make durfy mattresses the best choice for customers looking for the best mattresses for the back.