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Here are some of the best ways to prevent hair loss

Each and every strand of the hair have a particular life span and this may vary anywhere between 2 - 5 years. These hair follicles have a particular life cycle and certain lifestyles may reduce the life span of the hair. This is referred to as Telogen effluvium, and during this condition, there is an excessive hair fall. The biggest cause of hair loss is excessive stress. It can also happen to women after pregnancy as a result of certain side effects arising from some medicines. If you experience a lot of hair fall, it is important that you consult a dermatologist immediately. This hair loss can be due to a short term illness or a chronic health condition, but there are ways that will help you to prevent excessive hair loss.

If you are interested to know more about the various ways that will prevent hair loss, you can certainly go through the points mentioned below:

Here are some of the best ways to

  • Change your diet

Protein helps in building tissues inside your body and these include the hair as well. It is therefore essential for you to include a lot of proteins in the diet. The best sources of protein are fish, egg whites and milk. It will also be good to consume foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and some of these foods include mackerel, salmon, etc. You can eat them at least twice or thrice a week and you can also consume two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds on the salads and the cereals that you consume each day.

  • Make sure you use a mild shampoo

The main purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair and remove the dirt and excess oil that is present in the hair. But there are a number of commercial shampoos available in the market that contains a lot of very harsh ingredients. If you use these shampoos even once, they can actually remove the natural oil and the fatty acids that is present in the hair. Using good ketomac shampoo hair loss will also be a good idea.

  • Use a brush that is soft and is made up of natural fibers

If you use a brush that is soft and made up of natural fibers, it will help in increasing the level of sebum in the hair. There are certain keratin proteins present in the hair and these hairs are stacked like shingles in the roof. So if you start brushing from the top to bottom in one direction will certainly help in conditioning and smoothening the hair at a molecular level. If you brush your hair regularly, you will certainly not see hair clumps in the shower drain.

  • Make sure that you consume the necessary vitamins

Vitamin A is very important for proper hair growth as it actually works with fat synthesis. So make sure that you have food products that are rich in vitamin A. These foods include eggs, carrots, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E promotes proper blood circulation and vitamin B helps in the creation of red blood cells.  If you use Ketomac dandruff shampoo you will be able to remove dandruff from the hair.

Following the steps mentioned above will certainly help in reducing hair loss. Dandruff in the hair also increases hair fall. So it is always important that you remove dandruff from the hair and have a clean scalp.

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