Here Are Some Party Lighting Ideas to Dope On


An important aspect of party decoration is lighting. And you can simply not show any kind of laxity in this regard. After all, no party venue can look good without proper lighting. But because it’s so easy to go wrong with lighting, experts say that you must get the lighting of your party venue done extremely carefully. It’s not just experience that the decorator needs to possess; he must also have a good sense of decoration and lighting. One thing that is pretty obvious here is that you need to employ expert professional hands for the kind of lighting people will feel jealous of. If, however, a budget is a constraint for you, then you can go DIY as well.

Now, if you are certain about taking the DIY route, then you will probably need a lot of party lighting ideas at hand. If there is none to guide you in this regard, you can read on below. Here, you find some of the most amazing party lighting ideas. Check out-

1. Since time immemorial, gardens have played an important role in the decoration of party venues. And it’s probably because of the decoration opportunities a garden offers that parties are often thrown outdoors. If you have a beautiful garden, then do include it under your party lighting project. Hang string lights around trees and bushes for that exotic party feel.

2. For some added fun, you can always decorate the exterior wall of the party hall with lights. If you are holding the party at your house, then you can probably use the outer wall of your abode for the purpose of decoration with lights. Such a well-decorated wall will offer the entire house a celebrative feel. And the guests arriving will look at the venue with jaws dropped.

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3. You can also hang string lights around statues, trees and other huge structures in the house. This is yet another way to make great use of string lights. Whether you have indoor plants or huge statues at your house, you can cover them with pretty string lights. They will not just make the objects look beautiful but will also give you a way to incorporate more lighting in the interior. If there is something special in the house to which you want to attract the attention of your guests, then you can drape a few pretty string lights around it.

4. For birthday parties, anniversary parties and certain other parties, the main dais is required. And people pay special attention to decorating this dais. If you want to decorate your party dais with lights then you can probably use the wall behind the dais as a blank canvas to show your lighting skills.

5. Using string lights to outline pictures and posters that deserve highlighting is also a great way to decorate a party venue.

With so many party lighting ideas, you might feel a little confused as to which idea you should opt for the next time you throw a party. Thankfully, all of these ideas can be implemented simultaneously.