Here is a detailed guide on how to grow Alstroemeria plant at your home


Have you ever gifted someone a bouquet and noticed all the brightly colored flowers in it? You might not be knowing the name of the plant because it’s quite an uncommon name but the distinctive look of the brightly colored flowers will make every crave for a look. And that is none other than the Alstroemeria flower. It is very common to buy them from a local florist shop. They can be easily identified thanks to their bright multicolored flowers. It is most commonly known as the Peruvian Lily.

Is the Alstroemeria plant hardy enough?

This plant is hardly enough and often the plants can remain fully blossomed for weeks after they have been plucked out. They are perfect because they do not have any fragrance and are multicolored so you can mix them nicely in a bouquet. Alstroemeria plants can grow in different colors such as red, pink, violet, orange, and lavender. You don't need to have too much space to put them in. They can easily grow in pots and thus you can keep them inside your home too.

Can you buy the Alstroemeria plant online?

Buy Alstroemeria online in Australia on different websites. It is a local favorite and perfect for gifting occasions or decorating your home. For the best buying place, you need to consider the prices. Check out the prices of the Alstroemeria flower on different websites and then order from one accordingly.


How to start growing them from seeds?

In case if you want to grow them right from the start and don't wish to buy Alstroemeria plant online in Australia then you might have a tough time initially. This is because the plant needs plenty of care, especially during the germination and seedling stage.

To start you have to soak the Alstroemeria flower seeds in water and soak them overnight. After more than a month you might see the seedlings starting to appear. It is during this time that you have to think about planting the lilies on the ground or transfer them into a pot. Initially, the baby Alstroemeria plants will need some space to grow. So don't pack up the seedlings close to each other. Leave some space for the growth of the individual plants because during the growth phase they will compete with one another for water and minerals.

Caring for your homegrown Alstroemeria flower plants

You can easily buy the Alstroemeria plant online in Australia and grow it at your home. As far as caring is concerned, you don't have to put in too much of your time or effort. If you water carefully in an adequate amount and keep the plants away from direct sunlight in cool dry weather they will grow rapidly. If you happen to put in the seedlings during winter then most of the Alstroemeria flowers will start blossoming during the early summer. As the summer season comes, try to water the plants deeply and endure proper ventilation inside the soil.

You should keep the plants in pots and consider keeping them in your house. Don’t plant the Alstroemeria plants outside in your garden or else they might die due to heat, too much sunlight, or during storms or heavy rain falls.

Pruning the plants

Pruning the Alstroemeria is an intricate task and might need a bit of care as well. You should get it done by an expert. But if you are an expert yourself then you can buy Alstroemeria online in Australia and prune them all by yourself. If done in the right way you can get very good results and multiple blossoms within one stem only. Make sure to remove the dead petals of the plants to make sure that new flowers can blossom. It is best to pull out the dead flowers gently. Cutting the plants will make damage the meristematic tissues in the pants and the entire plant may even die.

But don't prune too deep or too often. Once even the week or every fifteen days is enough for getting maximum results.

Are you looking to buy Alstroemeria plant online in Australia? There are lots of websites. Don’t miss out on this beautiful looking flower and make your home decorated.