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Topmost Data Scientist Certifications

The most sought-after careers in the professional world, Data Science is on the top of its game by pervading every area of work that exists today. And, with such widespread popularity, it is the most desired field that everyone wants to become a part of.

It is evident how data is being created and dispersed every minute and every second of the day. You, me and everyone around us is contriving data through a plethora of sources. And, this data is adding value to businesses all around the world.

Every organization is trying to benefit from this abundance of data and are on a hunt for skilled individuals who can help them make the best out of this situation. As a matter of fact, jobs in data science are referred to as the sexiest kind of work anyone can ask for in today’s data-driven world of business.

Consequently, the industry constructing data science certifications is also on a roll. As they are perceived as the most valuable assets that can assist someone in earning a job in this lucrative field that is growing by the minute.

The Benefits gained from Data Science Certifications

With data science becoming a widely admired fad, there are naturally tons of professionals wanting to try their hand in it. So, the competition for a data science job is going to be off the charts.

Obtaining a job in this dominion will soon be a privilege owned by a few special people who can decode the complex concepts of data science. And, the best data science certifications out there is the key to do so.

Any person holding a data science certification can conveniently get ahead of the massive competition surrounding this sector and develop faith into the minds of the prospective employers who are in continuous search for individuals who can exhibit a range of skills that are relevant to this branch of knowledge.

The Best Data Science Certifications

Here is a list of a few certifications in data science that are becoming vogue nowadays.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

A vendor-neutral certification in data science, CAP helps you show your prowess in this realm without being biased to any specific software. It gives you the knowledge of transforming raw data into a structured form in order to take out insights that can support a company in making better, data-based decisions.

  1. Senior Data Scientist

Proffered by Data Science Council of America (DASCA), SDS has been intelligently fabricated to instilling a sense of confidence in big data professionals who have been slogging to achieve the key to the data science world for years now.

All you need is a few years of experience in research and analytics to become eligible for this highly renowned data science certification program that is designed to prepare you for the demanding and impactful work performed in this domain.

  1. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program

Dell EMC is a certifying body that is offering data science certifications for associate as well as specialist level. And, they are influential enough to become a proof of someone’s knowledge & skills in the job market as employers tend to have a certain amount of reliance in professionals who have gone through the inconvenience of attaining a Data Science Certification.




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