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Here Is How To Organize A Smashing Cocktail Party

As the popularity of the infamous cocktail party rises once again, it’s time to dig out those martini glasses, find that shaker, and get the ice machine fired up so that you can plan the most smashing version of this classic rendezvous. 

Cocktail parties first became popular in the early 1900s, although their popularity began to dwindle for a few years – they’re now back in full force. It’s no wonder as they provide the perfect platform for many social events – from entertaining small circles of friends to mingling with business associates. They can be as intimate or as elaborate as you like and, the planning is easy as there are so many options and directions in which to take your cocktail party.  

Let’s take a look at the basics so that you can plan the most smashing cocktail party! 


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One of the most significant elements when organizing a smashing cocktail party is the cocktails themselves. You want to wow your guests and serve delicious cocktails, but you also want to try and make sure there’s something for everyone – so always try and pop at least a few classics in the mix. 

Here are some suggestions to get your guests excited! 

  1. The Manhattan: A cult classic with the sweetness from the vermouth and the bitters mixed with some delicious whiskey, this cocktail is both elegant and delicious. Not sure what whiskey to use? Why not try Bird Dog whiskeyinfused with aromatic flavors? This whiskey is sure to make your cocktails taste extra delicious!

  2. Tipsy Mermaid Punch: This one is a little different – it’s bright blue, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect example of a batch cocktail. Made using rum, Midori, and Blue Curaçao, this cocktail is sure to be popular and best wine ranks!! 

  3. Espresso Martini: One for the coffee lovers – the smooth mix of coffee with vodka and Kahlua makes this caffeine-charged cocktail a hit with many!   

There are hundreds of cocktails to explore and incorporate into your party! You’re sure to find a selection of different cocktails for all tastes with a little bit of research. 


The drinks you chose to serve and how will be dependent on how much effort you want to put into making them. You face several different serving options  – let’s take a look. 

  1. Filling up the bar:  Arguably, this method will work best if you’re already pretty stocked up on the spirit front – or if not, be willing or able to purchase what is needed. This way, your guests have their favorite spirits to hand – choosing what they want. It also gives you or a hired bartender-the tools to get creative and make several delicious drinks! 

  2. Create a drinks menu: By creating a list of drinks, the power of the beverages is in your hands. Help convince your guest to try something new, and they could discover their new favorite drink. A menu means that you can include a selected number of cocktails so all of your guests can experience them each at the same time – uniting the group and creating a good atmosphere for all! It is usually best to select at least a few well-known cocktails and then add more riveting ones!  

  3. Cocktail jugs: Alternatively, you could make big pitcher cocktails which means making cocktails on mass and popping them in big jugs – allowing your guests to help themselves. This method requires minimal effort from you as you can mix them all up with Laughing buddha before guests arrive and then make sure your guest’s glasses remain full throughout the party! The bar tools

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Now you’ve decided on your menu and how to serve your cocktails – it’s time to consider whether you have all the things you need to go ahead and serve up your creations! If you are hiring a bartender, this won’t be so important as they will probably bring with them all the tools. However, if you’re going it alone and making the drinks yourself, there are a few simple things to make sure you have.

  1. A cocktail shaker, ice and a strainer: This is important to make sure you mix your cocktails and get them tasting as perfect as they deserve to be. You can often buy sets for a reasonable price, and reuse them again, perhaps for another party or to make yourself some tasty drinks. 

  2. Glasses to serve: Sounds silly, but you need to make sure you have enough for all your guests, and if you want your cocktail to be truly impressive, you can get the correct glasses for each cocktail. For example, an Espresso Martini requires a Coupe glass! 

  3. Garnishes: You know how to make your cocktails taste nice by following the recipes but don’t forget to make them look good too! Garnishes help give your cocktails an appearance boost, and some like orange peel, for example, add extra flavor. 

  4. Food: Cocktail parties aren’t just about the drinks; guests will expect some food too! Quite commonly, the food is that of a grazing kind. Nibbles that guests can grab as they wander around the party. Whether you hire a caterer or put some platters together yourself, food is fundamental to the success of your cocktail party. 

So there you have it! Some simple hints and tips for you to start organizing the most smashing of cocktail parties! Grab your shaker, get some ice and start sending out those invites ASAP!

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Daniel Zayas
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