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Here is what your post-construction cleaning partner must offer

Even though the thought of construction cleaning never crosses one’s mind until after the construction process is complete, it is one of the most important parts of a construction project. This is because subpar cleaning will only leave the space messy, and your client may question the construction quality.

But, when people actually decide to deal with a post-construction cleanup service, they think of it as a normal maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning.

Well, that is where you are wrong!

Here is why normal cleaning isn’t an answer.

Normal cleaning can be challenging, especially in new construction buildings. The dust around the property can destroy an ordinary vacuum cleaner, the stickers on new windows needed more than just cleaning. Using paper on the floor to prevent damage can leave tape residue resulting in the need for specialized cleaners.

Not every cleaning company in your town may prove ideal unless they specialize in post-construction cleaning. Only such companies have the proper equipment, cleaners, and expertise to deal with the process.

So, to help you, we have assembled this blog with some things that you must expect to receive from a professional post-construction cleanup service provider.

1. An itemized list: When choosing a post-construction cleaning partner, always ensure to hire one that has a specified scope of work. This is critical for the success of a post-construction cleaning project because it differs a lot from routine cleaning.

Look for companies that have experience in the field and can assist you in building a scope. Their expertise will help you identify areas for cleaning that you may have overlooked.

When drafting the scope, ensure to capture any required cleaners for the project. If you want environmentally friendly solutions, then request the same, too. There are many post-construction clean-up service providers who are ready to create packages that align with the customer’s expectations and scope of work.

2. Proactive communication: Avoid working with a cleaning service provider that works on assumptions because that could be misleading 99% of the time.

The company you hire must communicate clearly and provide you constant updates on progress proactively.

Only a reliable service provider will keep you in the loop of progress while offering clear and frequent updates with transparent communication. These updates can be in the form of photos/videos so you can monitor how the job is going and if it is going as per your expectations.

So, keep this point as one of the first things to inspect when hiring the service provider.

3. Detail-based cleaning: Construction cleaning is never the same. Similar projects may require different cleaning techniques. This means a strict cleaning process can never offer the required justice to the project.

For instance, regular janitorial service may follow a scripted process to ensure everything is met with utmost accuracy. When it comes to post-construction cleaning, the cleaning services should be detail-oriented.

This means, with janitorial service, you will have a clean door and rooms on a daily basis. But a post-construction cleaning partner is expected to get rid of dust and other debris accumulated during the construction project.

4. Umbrella insurance: Your investment in a post-construction cleaning partner should prove worthy in all aspects. One of which is inspecting how much insurance they are covered.

Many inexperienced service providers will often neglect umbrella insurance. Meaning your newly completed project may be at risk.

So, make sure to verify if the post-construction cleaning company has insurance in the first place or not. This way, you can determine their level of expertise in the field and eliminate companies that don’t follow the safety protocols.

Typically insurance companies require individuals to wear PPE kits and take certain precautions at the site of work to keep the people safe and the site from being damaged.

5. Quality track record: Just because there are two guys and a pickup truck doesn’t mean they offer quality services.

Post-construction cleaning being at a low barrier of entry doesn’t require experience and work ethics for people to start a company. That is why it is important to work with companies that have been around for a while and know what they are doing.

So, use your time to research the companies you wish to work with. Choose a few service providers based on what you are looking for from a post-construction company. Then go ahead and compare the chosen ones based on their services, their customer reviews, testimonies, previous work, etc.

This way, you can eliminate companies that don’t fit your expectations and choose the one that fits your needs effortlessly.

Final thought

Hiring the wrong company for a post-construction clean-up service can prevent the property from attracting potential buyers. 

So, work with professionals at Chukn’Junk to expect the services as suggested above and more!

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