Here’s an Overview of APV Gaulin Homogenizer


These days Homogenizing has become an essential process in the dairy industry. The huge variety of machines on the market - such as the popular APV Gaulin homogenizes and the Tetra Pak range - is proof of this, and there is a large market for used machines and entirely new equipment.

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The APV Homogenizer is durable in the tradition of excellence established by the renowned APV brands, Gaulin. With a long history of application expertise and product innovation, SPX FLOW delivers the latest homogenizer technologies for the food, dairy, cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications. SPX FLOW provides a huge range of equipment and services from a single source. These excellent designs and quality manufacturing are all essential machinery targeted at improving your process fertility.

No matter what industry you're in, APV Rannie and APV Gaulin homogenizers can provide the right high-efficiency APV homogenizer to meet your requirements. With loads of experience, some companies have the products and expertise for providing the perfect configuration and installation.

For those that are unfamiliar with the process, homogenization is a way of processing milk so that its fat content does not separate from the liquid part of the milk. This makes for a smoother, creamier consistency which is more pleasant to drink and much better for cooking purposes.


When placed in a homogenizes, the milk is pushed through small tubes, and the fat globules in the milk are put under increasing pressure and are broken down into a much smaller size. Although this could arguably be done to some extent without machinery, the latter solution actually provides exceptionally high levels of pressure for the best results possible.

The first thing to think about when investing in a homogenizer is its power and the amount of pressure that it delivers. Top of the range models such as the Tetra Pak TA30 and the APV Gaulin homogenizer can certainly deliver in this department, which can lead to far better results on a much quicker time scale.

The dairy processing technology is succeeding all the time, and the machines on the market at any given time are often far more advanced compared to the equipment that is available just one year earlier. This also explains in part the successful secondhand market for equipment, as older models are constantly being upgraded and sold on.

If you are concerned about obtaining equipment that is more powerful but that you are not familiar with, one option is to search for the latest model of your favorite homogenizing machinery. If you currently have an APV Gaulin homogenizer, look for the most recent version of this model for some familiar features but much better levels of performance.

When choosing any kind of homogenizer, another factor you should take into account is how long and how regularly you can use it. This all depends on your production schedule and whether or not you can use it occasionally or on a round-the-clock basis.

For those people who think about the budget, there are lots of models that do not deal with very large volumes of milk and do not offer such high levels of pressure. There is also a thriving second-hand market of dairy processing equipment, which can make it easy to find something that is once the most advanced product around but is now lower in cost simply because it has already been used.

This is important because the more regularly that you use the device, the more often your periodic servicing will need to be and the more repairs you may require. Important factors to consider, therefore, are how robust the device you choose actually is, along with how expensive it can be to maintain the equipment.