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Here's everything you need to know about Flutter 2.2.0 Features

Flutter reigns the cross-platform app development world. The alluring user community and continuously updated features have made flutter the most desired framework for app developers. In the 3-day annual developer event, Google I/O 2021, the tech giant has announced the much-awaited news of the release of Flutter 2.2. The new Flutter version was the highlight of the event. But why should developers turn their heads to the Flutter 2.2.0 app? What is interesting in the latest version?

Google engineers have strived hard to design the framework. Moreover, developers are pleased to find that Google has taken a step forward to refine the framework. According to Tim Sneath, the latest updates have made it easier for developers to monetize an app with ads, payments, and in-app purchases. Also, programmers can eliminate errors while using the update framework. There are more reasons to choose Flutter 2.2 for mobile app development.

Flutter 2.2.0 app - Official Dart and Docker compatibility with Google Cloud-

Google has collaborated with a community for the development of a special package for professional Flutter app developers. Developers can now use Dart’s Cloud functions and avail amazing serverless solutions. 

You can have a glance at the projects like Jaguar and Aqueduct. Besides, you will find the use of Dart as the backend solution. 

Some app developers who like to work on both the frontend and the backend designs will find Flutter 2.2 useful. It will be easy to accomplish a project when there is one common language for comparable thoughts.

The newly updated framework provides the Flutter app development company an advanced ecosystem. Dart 2.13 is available with Flutter 2.2.0. Also, the Docker image has received high appreciation from programmers. GitHub activity is useful for the installation of DartSDK Type. You can rename classes and shorten lengthy names.

Flutter 2.2.0 app updates on the desktop-

Desktop updates are one of the noticeable facts about Flutter 2.2. Custom text actions can provide you with better solutions to accomplish the work. The framework can work with platforms providing different types of inputs, like keyboard, mouse, and touch. Besides, the special feature enables you to tailor keystrokes related to the text actions. 

Google has released this feature of Flutter 2.2 to present app developers with a range of potentials. Users can deliver messages by hitting the Enter Key. They can also insert a line by using Ctrl + ENTER. 

With the latest update, you may take advantage of automatic scrolling behavior. You can go beyond the standard scrollbar and add it automatically.

End users will enjoy highly interactive and engaging apps due to this collaboration. Moreover, developers can switch between the TextField and the Flutter app button.

Better performance for iOS devices-

There is one common complaint of iOS users- Flutter is worthless. Google has paid attention to it. Now, iOS users have found some hope due to the release of Flutter 2.2. From the developer’s perspective, there may be a minor problem. However, users have faced a complicated problem. They would like to remove the app.

In some cases, lengthy loading, non-performant animations, improper UI are causes of uninstallations. To prevent users from uninstalling apps, Google has presented the idea of caching shaders.  

Moreover, Flutter 2.2.0 is highly adaptable, and it is effective in attracting users. Developers can use Flutter to create the best experiences and remove the old constraints. There is now high compatibility with shader masks, semantic nodes, and better accessibility. Developers can close the gap between mobile and desktop web apps.

The implementation of new updates for both iOS and Android mobiles can result in a few issues.

  • The size of apps may be bigger, as they have the bundled shaders.
  • There is longer app start-up latency since the bundled shaders must be pre-compilation.

In case of the Android app development world, the new release has relied on the split AOT compilation option of Dart. Flutter applications can download modules. The installable splits are known as the deferred components. 

Update of the null safety features-

In the new Flutter version, Google has added the null safety options for developers. Due to the presence of these safety features, developers can streamline the process. 

 In case of Flutter 2.2, null safety is the default feature. Several plugins have been minimized to null safety features. You can safely migrate your application and get an advantage from it.

Get a higher number of Material icons-

The Flutter updates have increased the number of Material icons, and it is over 7000. Developers may face a challenge while looking for the desired icon. However, they can do it by name and category.

After identifying the icon, the Flutter tab reveals the way of using it. You may download it and use it as an asset for an app. Add Dash to the Flutter app without much effort.

Updates to Flutter DevTools-

You can find notable updates with Flutter DevTools. They include a new tab for provider plugins and two memory tracking updates.

While releasing DevTools, one of the memory tracking updates is the capability of tracking down the allocation of an objection. 

The second update is about the potential to insert custom messages into the timeline.

Plus, it enables you to add markers related to your app. As there has been the issue of larger Flutter apps, developers need to use tools for tracking down and solving memory leaks.

It is not simply the runtime problems of using your Flutter framework.

There are more than 15,000 plugs and packages compatible with Flutter. Your apps may also use several packages in due course. Thus, you can make use of the Provider tab of Flutter DevTools.

Updates to IDE plugins-

Both the IntelliJ/Android Studio IDE and the Visual Studio Code for Flutter have updates in the new version. For instance, the Visual Studio Code is now capable of working with Dart code refactors, including Inline Local Variable and Inline Method.

For Android Studio, you can find the potential to print stack traces. It is also useful when you have chosen different packages for a project. 

Respect to the community-

There is one thing for which Google can beat Apple. This tech giant always gives a special focus on its users. At every event, Google engages in different social media activities. You can find Flutter’s best images on the upcoming Google events. Also, you may build your dash avatar and make Flutter-related filters. A link is always present between the community and Flutter’s evolution.

Developers can now keep up the most important widgets by adding them to Flutter Favorites.

Google ensures that the framework is advantageous to every Flutter app developer.

Flutter 2.2.0 is the best version released by Google. The professional app developers of the mobile app development company will get the optimal value from using the latest framework.

There are more than 200000 Flutter applications available in the Play Store. The major reason behind it is that Flutter is highly stable and adaptable. It is a more reliable solution for developing apps. Passionate app developers always look for updates to the framework. Therefore, hire the best developers and get the best services from them. 

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